What will be The Armorer’s role in The Mandalorian season 2?

Emily Swallow is the Armorer in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Emily Swallow is the Armorer in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Wise and collected, The Armorer has guided the Mandalorian on his journey. What can audiences expect of her in season 2 of The Mandalorian?

The Armorer remains quite the engrossing character on The Mandalorian. In season 1, she used the beskar to create armor for the Mandalorian, provided him guidance and when the need arose, she battled stormtroopers with ease.

While she only appeared in a handful of episodes, her history is perhaps as elusive as she is. Played by Emily Swallow (Supernatural, Castlevania, The Mentalist), with Lauren Mary Kim who handles her stunts, The Armorer quickly became my favorite character.

My apologies to The Child.

As the second season of The Mandalorian begins, what will audiences be seeing of her if at all?

What will The Armorer’s role be in The Mandalorian season 2?

As of the first episode of The Mandalorian season 2, he was hoping to find another Mandalorian who was living on Tatooine. To his dismay, the “Mandalorian” that resided there only wore the armor and did not hold the title.

The Mandalorian’s journey is continuing to find more and hopefully the answers to whom The Child is.

It would not strike me as odd if The Armorer is seen with a Jedi in an upcoming episode. Perhaps as the Mandalorian arrives to finally meet a Jedi, The Armorer will already be present.

She stated in season 1 that she would not leave the tunnels until she had every last piece of the beskar she could find. Without beskar, the Mandalorian’s armor would not be as strong, which might prove fatal when facing Moff Gideon.

That being said, it would also not surprise me if she knows the Jedi from the past. At one time Jedi and Mandalorians were enemies, but now they may need to come together.

The Armorer can be that peacekeeper to bring the two together for the common cause of The Child. Since we know Moff Gideon will stop at nothing to claim The Child, there may be a one-on-one fight with him and the Mandalorian.

He may need newer, stronger, more upgraded armor that The Armorer will need to make. My fear is that she will come in contact with Moff Gideon and not survive the encounter.

While she would not strike me as a traitor, I am keeping that possibility at the bottom of my expectations list for this season.

Thus far, I cannot find evidence of The Armorer appearing in season 2, but I still believe she will be present at a certain point. Her episode appearances in season 1, after all, were calculated and intentional.

Perhaps we will see her battle more stormtroopers or perhaps she will remain the voice of wisdom. Regardless I look forward to more of her character development.

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