LEGO and Star Wars release a delightful bunch of holiday shorts

All I Want For Life Day | LEGO STAR WARS: Celebrate the Season. Photo courtesy of Star Wars Kids.
All I Want For Life Day | LEGO STAR WARS: Celebrate the Season. Photo courtesy of Star Wars Kids. /

Check out these cheerful holiday animated shorts from LEGO Star Wars!

Who knew the Star Wars characters were so festive when it came to celebrating the holidays? Well, celebrating Life Day in particular — as that’s what the good people of the galaxy love to celebrate this time of year.

And as a way to celebrate this holiday, LEGO and Star Wars have come together to share quite a bit of goodies with the good boys and girls of the galaxy. Later this month, on Nov. 17, Disney+ will release the LEGO Star Wars Holiday SpecialBut for those who can’t wait for the special to come out, you’re in luck because the two also released a series of animated shorts on YouTube. (H/T to The Direct for the find.)

There are five shorts in total and they span across all Star Wars trilogies. Maybe some of them might seem a little out-of-character, but that’s the joy of the holidays (and kids animated shorts). You can put all the bad behind you and just enjoy the beauty of this time of year. Take the Anakin and Obi-Wan short, for example. Would an Episode III-era Anakin Skywalker be bursting at the seams to shower Obi-Wan Kenobi with gifts? Actually, nevermind. These may be 100 percent, totally accurate. Take a look for yourself in the short videos below!

Wrapping Up the Falcon

Sithmas Battle

All I Want for Life Day

Reindeer Walker

Snowflake Snack

The final video with The Child (or Baby Yoda) happens to be a personal favorite of mine. As we saw in the trailer for the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, he and Mando will be showing up. And it looks like they’ll get a chance to finally meet Rey too. (Thanks to time travel and all.) Plus, as a bonus, Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian gave us so much mischief-making Baby Yoda. So we’ll take all the “Baby Yoda being cute” moments we can get.

Hopefully these cheerful shorts can keep you tied over until the holiday special releases or until Life Day itself. Because, especially at a time like this, we could use a bit of holiday cheer.

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