Minecraft announces major Star Wars DLC pack that’s available now

The Minecraft Star Wars DLC pack. Photo courtesy of Mojang.
The Minecraft Star Wars DLC pack. Photo courtesy of Mojang. /

Minecraft’s Star Wars DLC is a lot more promising than it’s previous Star Wars efforts!

Minecraft players are going to be transported to the planets in a galaxy far, far away with the newly announced Star Wars DLC pack that’s available now. Star Wars shared the news as part of its Mando Mondays reveal, and there is so much more in store than previous offerings.

Before, Star Wars was basically limited to offering skins for players. In other words, your character model could look like Darth Vader or Princess Leia, and that was about it. Now, there’s so much more that Minecraft players will be able to do in this pack, which will really take the Minecraft gaming experience to the next level.

Not only are skins included, but there are also some new gameplay mechanics that have been introduced in this pack. For example, by riding a ship such as a starfighter, you’ll be able to fast-travel between different planets in the Star Wars universe. You’ll also be able to accomplish a few adventures as well, including going on a hunt to find the most precious bounty in the galaxy, The Child.

The pack is filled with familiar settings from many iconic Star Wars moments. Though the DLC, for right now, is only limited to the original trilogy and The Mandalorian. That means in this download, there won’t be any content from Episodes I-III and VII-IX. Still, it looks like a lot of fun, and you can check out the trailer in the video down below.

Star Wars Minecraft DLC trailer

In the Star Wars announcement, the developers revealed what it was like getting to bring the DLC to life for Minecraft. Of course, they were all excited to bring this new content to the game. And they expect Star Wars fans to be very happy with what’s available.

Here’s what developer David Keningale had to say about everything you can expect to see:

"The Minecraft Star Wars DLC mash-up provides an epic, pre-built Star Wars-themed world featuring iconic locations and diorama-style planets set in the timeline from A New Hope, The Empires Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Mandalorian series. It features HD skins and mobs [Note: “mobs” are monsters and creatures.] based on characters and creatures from the franchise, and fully Star Wars-themed UI and audio. It is also a construction kit for Minecraft players to create their own Star Wars worlds and re-enact their favorite scenes using the textures, characters, and all other elements of the DLC."

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Are you going to get The Minecraft Star Wars DLC pack or will you pass this one up? Let us know inf the comments!