Star Wars previews a younger Yoda in upcoming High Republic Adventures comic

Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars.
Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars. /

Yoda will be featured in the Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic being released in 2021.

Star Wars has revealed a new preview from IDW’s upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comic series coming February 2021. And while The High Republic era takes place roughly 200 years before Episode I of the Skywalker saga, there is one familiar character who’s old enough to have lived through this era: Yoda.

It was previously announced that Yoda would be part of Star Wars’ High Republic literary series after revealing a first-look concept image of him. And now they’re giving us even more with this preview of the comic by writer Daniel José Older.

You can see the whole excerpt of the comic over on But in general, the excerpt quickly goes through three scenes. In the first one, we see an employee of the Republic Security Zone monitoring all sectors. Things are going well until something unknown happens in Sector 19, and they call on help from “the Starlight” — what we are assuming is Starlight Beacon. From there, it cuts to a Jedi cruiser with padawans, and we see Yoda and his young students are up to assist in whatever disaster is ongoing. Aboard the cruiser is a top-notch student, Lula Talisola, and she reveals she’s extremely nervous about what’s going to happen next. In the final scene, a Force-sensitive being (possibly being affected by the unknown disaster) shares that she’s afraid to reveal she has abilities with the Force.

While they don’t necessarily disclose what is going on in these first few pages — it’s kept extremely vague — we wonder if this is the occurrence of the Great Disaster. During a time of true peace in the galaxy, the Great Disaster occurred within the High Republic era and officially disturbed the long-held peace that all were experiencing.

For example, Star Wars recently revealed an excerpt from Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi novel. And those opening pages began with a disaster as well — massive objects appearing out of nowhere and instantly doing an unquantifiable amount of damage.

It’s also possible that in both of these scenarios, this is an attack by the Nihil, the villains of the High Republic era that are unlike the Sith. (They could possibly be worse.) And it means they could have either planned a galaxy-wide attack at the same moment or perhaps had been planning multiple attacks over a short amount of time. (Or, both the incidents in Soule’s and Older’s stories could be the same.) Either way, it looks like we are dealing with some truly nefarious people here. And we’ll have to wait until the comics come out to see how the Jedi and their padawans will overcome this threat.

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Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1 (with art by Harvey Tolibao and colorist Rebecca Nalty) will be out in February 2021.