Star Wars is releasing a new line of unique concept art Funko Pops!

Star Wars concept art Funko Pops!. Photo courtesy of Funko.
Star Wars concept art Funko Pops!. Photo courtesy of Funko. /

Funko has unveiled new Funko Pops! from Star Wars that are unlike anything else. 

Funko is going deep into the vault for its latest reveal of Star Wars Pops!, and these are among the more unique Pops! that Funko has ever produced for Star Wars so far. The design was leaked late last night, but today Funko confirmed that they will be releasing a new line of concept art Funko Pops! in 2021.

The new line will include four Pops! total. The first is of R2-D2, who, based on the concept art design, is now all silver and even includes some little robotic hands sprouting out from the top. The next is the concept art for C-3PO. While keeping his golden hue, he does look a lot more like the Metropolis robot than his current design. Third is Yoda, who totally looks different than his on-screen counterpart. This concept art Yoda looks more human, like something out of a fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings than Star Wars. And finally, you have Darth Vader, who is about as metallic blue as the new iPhone 12 Pro and sports a truly bug-eyed helmet. (Though don’t all Pops! have that look in their eyes?)

These concept art Pops! are already available for pre-order, and each will cost $10.99. Over on Entertainment Earth (which is linked in the tweet below), they’re set to come out in February 2021. So while you might not have time to get them as a holiday gift, you can still order it as an early gift… just one that will take an extra bit of time to come after you place the order. (Maybe consider it a Valentine’s Day gift!)

This isn’t the first time Star Wars and Funko unveiled concept art Pops!. When Star Wars Celebration was supposed to happen earlier this year, the two planned to have convention-ready Pops! under this concept art line. With the convention being canceled this year, that just meant they went straight to selling the Funko Pops! online.

That release included four figures as well. The first being a bat-looking version of Chewbacca. The second pop was a protagonist like Luke Skywalker, but this one was female and was named Starkiller. There was also a cool version of Boba Fett that ditched the brown and green for white. And finally in the first pack was none other than Darth Vader yet again… but this time featuring a slightly different concept art design. (If they keep this up, concept art Darth Vader will probably be the next big line for the completionists out there.)

Star Wars concept art Funko Pop
Star Wars concept art Funko Pops!. Photo courtesy of Funko. /

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