Theory: Could the Ahsoka series bring in a live-action World Between Worlds?

Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Could the World Between Worlds appear in the Ahsoka television series when it hits Disney+?  We think so, thanks to the show’s newly released logo.

The announcement during last week’s Disney Investor Day presentation that an Ahsoka series was in the works to serve as a spin-off for The Mandalorian wasn’t much of a surprise. However, there was something that a lot of people noticed with the logo as seen in this tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter account, and it has to do with the World Between Worlds.

What is the World Between Worlds?

For those who don’t know what the World Between Worlds is, here’s a bit of an explainer.

Making its debut in the Star Wars Rebels episode “Path of the Jedi, the World Between Worlds is a place between time and space that has a tie to the Force that is a void where all the events of the past, present, and the future all come together.

What makes this place so unique is that everyone’s experience there is different. In a behind-the-scenes perspective, Dave Filoni confirmed a theory that the World Between Worlds had been lifted from the concept of the Wood Between the Worlds in C.S. Lewis’ famed book series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

How the World Between Worlds ties to Ahsoka as a character

During the season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels, a newly blinded Kanan Jarrus, his padawan Ezra Bridger, and Ahsoka are betrayed by Maul on the Sith planet of Malachor. Darth Vader then shows up and Tano is forced to defend her two friends and engages her former master in combat despite it breaking her heart.

The former Jedi’s fate is left unknown as the temple begins to collapse. Vader is seen escaping the temple with nothing more than a limp. At the end of the episode, we see Ahsoka, encased in a white glow entering the temple. For a couple of years, the audience was left wondering what happened.

During the season 4 episode “A World Between Worlds,” Ezra finds a way into the World Between Worlds. He witnesses Ahsoka’s fight with Vader through a portal. Hoping to save her when he couldn’t before, he reaches through and pulls her out before the Sith can deliver the killing blow. This explains that the glow we see around Ahsoka is associated with the World Between Worlds. However, it has never been explained how she actually returned from Malachor once she returned to her own time.

That’s where our theory comes in.

Could we see Ahsoka use the World Between Worlds?

The first thought that occurred to us when we saw the logo was how similar the background looks to the World Between Worlds. The text is seen sitting within the confines of a familiar-looking circle, which could be the entrance on Malachor.

Given the inclusion of the World Between Worlds entrance in the key art, it makes us think it may end up appearing in the series, marking the first time it would in live-action. If this occurs, perhaps the beginning of the show sees Ahsoka come out of the void before going on whatever quest she goes on. Remember, we still don’t know whether The Mandalorian episode “Chapter 13: The Jedi” takes place before or after the Star Wars Rebels finale. Though, we have reason to believe that Grand Admiral Thrawn will make his live-action appearance.

That’s all depending on what Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have in store for the show, given it will take place around the same time as The Mandalorian — just like the newly announced Rangers of the New Republic series.

If Ahsoka does the use the World Between Worlds, it could serve as a gateway to see certain events throughout Ahsoka’s life in live-action.

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What are your thoughts on the potential of the World Between Worlds being used? Tell us in the comments below.