Top 5 fan theories for The Mandalorian season 3

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and the Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+.
The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and the Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. /
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Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian and Katee Sackhoff is Bo-Katan Kryze in THE MANDALORIAN Chapter 11: The Heiress, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Theory #1: Din will claim the Mandalorian throne

One of the biggest fan theories on social media makes the most sense. Following the events of season 2, it became apparent that nothing that was mentioned in season 1 was done by accident. Many of the threads were picked up in season 2, interweaving with the main plotline of The Mandalorian and season 3 is set to be no different.

Throughout season 2, characters like Bo-Katan, Boba Fett, and Migs Mayfeld have referenced Mandalore and what occurred to the Mandalorian homeworld. Now with Din Djarin in possession of the Darksaber, rightfully winning a claim to the throne, it would make sense that these references would culminate into something much larger.

With the news from Kathleen Kennedy at the Disney Investor Day that the Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic spinoffs are set to culminate with The Mandalorian, perhaps Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are preparing to restore Mandalore and place Din Djarin on the throne.

While Bo-Katan may be the rightful heir to the throne, fans have pointed out how poignant it would be to have a foundling like Din rule over Mandalore. If you’ve followed the Mandalore storyline in The Clone Wars, then you’ll know that some Mandalorians like Almec were very negative about foundlings.

Of course, this means that there is every possibility that Bo-Katan will turn against Din, fueled by her singular desire to reclaim and rule over Mandalore. Moff Gideon seemed positively giddy at the prospect of turning Din and Bo-Katan against each other. Further proving Bo-Katan’s statement in “The Passenger” that people are trying to divide the Mandalorians.