You have to see how the world’s first Star Wars lightsaber was made

The first retractable proto-lightsaber was created by Hacksmith Industries. Photo: Guinness World Records.
The first retractable proto-lightsaber was created by Hacksmith Industries. Photo: Guinness World Records. /

YouTube Channel Hacksmith Industries has created the first Star Wars retractable proto-lightsaber that you have to see to believe!

YouTube has delivered more Star Wars content in the form of the first retractable proto-lightsaber made by Hacksmith Industries. On top of that this outstanding achievement has gained them a world record!

How did they do this and what does the lightsaber look like? First, they built a lightsaber hilt, and together with the power of LPG-compressed liquid propane gas, oxygen and a sparker, the flame expands into the lightsaber shape.

Very impressive!

What makes this feat even more authentic is that they could change the color of the flame using salts. They were able to produce five different colored lightsabers: blue, green, amber, red and yellow.

James Hobson (“the Hacksmith”) and designer Bogdan Malynovskyy are the recipients of the world record, which was officially called on Oct. 8, 2020. And in December 2020, Guinness shared a YouTube video featuring the newly inducted recorder holders. You can watch the full YouTube video (with over 9 million views) from the Guinness World Records YouTube channel below.

Thanks to some more ingenuity Hacksmith Industries took their lightsaber to yet another level by making it retractable at the press of a button. All of this was explained, shown and achieved in a nearly 5-minute-long video that was easy to follow and entertaining!

Hacksmith Industries truly outdid themselves being able to achieve something that perhaps was once considered impossible! While this is far from the safe lightsabers that can be built at Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge, it’s a remarkable video to watch and experience.

You can watch more of their interesting videos including Captain’s America shield with the arc reactor and the Zarya Particle Cannon from Overwatch on their YouTube Channel with over eleven million subscribers here.

What will Hacksmith Industries build next?

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