Star Wars #10 comic from Marvel previews Poe Dameron’s parents, trouble afoot

Marvel’s Star Wars #10. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Marvel’s Star Wars #10. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

A preview of Marvel comic Star Wars #10 features a quick glimpse of Poe Dameron’s parents as they fight in the Rebellion.

Star Wars is in the middle of a literary revolution right now. Amidst the newly published books and comics that are a part of The High Republic series, Star Wars is also continuing its line of comic book runs that exist outside of the High Republic era. And included in that is the Marvel comic Star Wars, which, as of this week, is on its tenth issue.

With Star Wars #10 (from Star Wars: Light of the Jedi author Charles Soule) out now, has previewed a few pages of the comic for those who have yet to snag the latest issue — and those brief amount of pages tease an exciting story ahead.

The comic book excerpt begins with Leia Organa addressing the new flight squadron known as Starlight Squadron. The squadron includes notable character Wedge Antilles and is led by none other than Shara Bey — Poe Dameron’s mother. Leia briefs the team about the highly important mission they’re about to embark on against the Empire: to see if all of their secret fallback spots have not been compromised by the Imperial forces.

After the mission briefing, Leia finds Kes Dameron (Poe Dameron’s father) lurking about in the shadows — as he’s missed the meeting (but was probably within earshot of it anyway). Dameron says he’ll talk to Leia later, and Leia understands that he wishes to see Shara off before she takes flight on her next mission. The two share a moment to themselves and even steal a kiss before Shara takes flight.

The next page in the preview cuts to the squadron in deep space where it looks like the Empire already destroyed the Rebel’s sixth division and left no survivors. The preview ends with them shocked to see there are still Imperial signals going off somewhere around them in space.

This leaves things on an exciting yet scary cliffhanger about what Starlight Squadron will encounter in their very first mission. Will the mission be fatal for anyone on the squadron? Will Shara make it out unharmed? Luckily, for fans who are interested in finding out more about the comic, Star Wars #10 is currently out now, so the mysteries won’t have to remain mysteries for long.

Here’s the Star Wars #10’s synopsis:

"“OPERATION STARLIGHT, PART 2 (OF 3)” – REELING FROM THE LOSS OF ONE OF THEIR OWN, THE REBELS FINALLY SEE A PATH FORWARD! THE REBELS attempt to create a new communications code that THE EMPIRE will never be able to crack, in hopes that they might be able to safely reunite their scattered fleet and rejoin the fight. However, the code has a cost, one that LANDO CALRISSIAN is not willing to pay! Meanwhile, STARLIGHT SQUADRON, the group of elite pilots tasked with finding the scattered divisions of the fleet, heads out on its first deadly mission."

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