Star Wars Battlefront II actors may be collaborating on an unannounced project

Screenshot of Star Wars Battlefront II. Image via Lucasfilm/EA.
Screenshot of Star Wars Battlefront II. Image via Lucasfilm/EA. /

The voices behind Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign have reunited, sparking speculation as to why.

Star Wars gaming news sits in a bit of a doldrum right now. We are a few months off the release of Star Wars: Squadrons and equal parts away from LEGO’s The Skywalker Saga. It’s a ripe time for rumors, and we have our latest in the Battlefront territory.

A Redditor put together a timeline of events for three of Battlefront II’s voice actors: Janina Gavankar, T.J. Ramani and Anthony Skoldi, who played Iden Versio, Del Meeko, and Admiral Garrick Versio, respectively. The first two are members of Inferno Squad, and Skoldi was a key cog in the Empire following the destruction of the second Death Star.

As the post identifies (via GamesRadar+), the three not only entered the studios but did so in the same area: Los Angeles. Through a Twitter exchange, Skoldi and Ramani further confirmed they worked alongside each other, on a yet-to-be-revealed basis, of course.

Is Battlefront III in the works?

Now, the big question is what project could this be, as it is unlikely these three would unite for any reason other than Star Wars. And there are some cryptic messages on Twitter indicating such, with Skoldi liking a tweet questioning if this was a Star Wars project. It could be because he’s a fan, but that seems unlikely.

The first solution many will jump to is a Battlefront III. After a rocky start, DICE’s second installment made a furious comeback and continues to be a popular game today. (It will also be free on the Epic Games store starting Jan. 14). Its support was cut off last year, and while there are no talks of a sequel, the team at DICE may have shifted its attention to a third game.

These being the voice actors of Inferno Squad, though, mystifies the situation. The Inferno Squad was an elite legion of Imperial troops led by Gavankar’s Iden Versio. However, Iden and Del ultimately left the Empire in favor of the New Republic, with Skoldi sacrificing himself with his ship. So the combination of the three feels a bit out of place for a sequel.

An Inferno Squad prequel may be just what Star Wars needs

Instead, I find it much more plausible for this to be a prequel, telling the story of the Inferno Squad in its Imperial heyday. It would also satisfy those who felt disappointed about the predictable turn in the story, myself included. Perhaps we will get the Imperial experience the first game advertised. With a prequel novel already on the shelves, the story is there for the developers to turn into a reality.

Either way, it is just fantastic to hear Star Wars gaming rumors, with anything from the Battlefront world an exciting possibility. Coupled with the announcement of Lucasfilm Games, it’s an exciting time for gaming fans in the galaxy far, far away.

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