3 fan-made LEGO Star Wars videos worth watching

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Press. Photo: https://www.igdb.com/.
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Press. Photo: https://www.igdb.com/. /

From Darth Vader to The Mandalorian, these fan-made LEGO Star Wars videos on YouTube take viewers to the galaxy through exciting and independent stories.

From the action-packed to the dramatic, these three fan-made LEGO Star Wars videos take Star Wars to a whole new level of excitement! Follow Darth Vader as he seeks to destroy the Jedi, watch The Mandalorian hunt for his next bounty, and join the 313th during The Clone Wars!

Before watching please be aware that as with Star Wars as a whole, some scenes such as battles can be violent even in LEGO form.

VADER: A LEGO Star Wars fan film Episode 1

By: Ten To Ace Studios

With a run time of about 5 minutes, this short fan-made video uses every second to tell a compelling and action-packed story. The video opens with the Star Wars opening credit roll explaining how 10 years after the Clone Wars, Darth Vader is hunting down surviving Jedi.

Darth Vader is sent by The Emperor to Naboo leaving chaos in his wake.

The fan-made film combines the use of LEGO characters with extra effects including The Emperor’s hologram and the impressive menacing nature of Darth Vader’s red lightsaber. If you are a Darth Vader fan, you’ll truly enjoy this!

The fan film continues in VIPER: A Lego Star Wars Fan Film episode 2 and INQUISITOR: A Lego Star Wars Fan Film episode 3.

Lego Mandalorian

By: Forrestfire101

In this 3-minute video, we follow The Mandalorian as he seeks out another bounty in a very populated, city-like area. When he finds his bounty, action ensues to a catchy tune and incredible effects.

Not to mention our favorite Baby Yoda makes an appearance.

The amount of detail in this fan-made film is truly amazing! From all of the LEGO minifigures featured to the clever LEGO jokes such as the wanted poster stating “built or broken,” the slow-motion scenes, and the flawless movement, this is the way to some pretty epic work.

Not to mention the voice work for The Mandalorian himself, though brief, is on point.

The 313th: A LEGO Star Wars Story Brickfilm | Part 1

By: Owenator Productions

The 16-minute long video begins with the Star Wars opening credit roll detailing the ongoing Clone War focusing on Jedi Master Mraz Kanev and his padawan Gili. Hoping to get rescued on the planet Lektu, they encounter a mysterious Sith Lord who wants Mraz to open a Jedi Holocron.

What follows is the devotion of the Clone Troopers aiding the Jedi in the fight with stunning scenes, impressive effects, and equally impressive voice acting. The story flows extremely well, able to reel in viewers to the point you may forget from time to time that this is fan-made.

The cliffhanger at the end will leave you excitedly wondering what will happen next. Until Part 2 is released the exciting adventures continue with The 313th: A LEGO Star Wars Story – DISSENT recently uploaded this month.

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Please keep in mind these are just some of the amazing fan-made LEGO Star Wars videos out there. Plan a fun afternoon or evening watching fan-made LEGO Star Wars videos for interesting storytelling, effective use of stop motion, and cool effects that would make any Star Wars fan, actor, and employee proud!

Which LEGO Star Wars fan-made video is your favorite? Comment below, I’d love to read them!