New collection of festive Star Wars stories announced

Life Day Treasury: Holiday Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, (2021) art. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Life Day Treasury: Holiday Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, (2021) art. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

A new collection of stories, co-authored by Cavan Scott and George Mann, has been officially unveiled, via a announcement. Life Day Treasury: Holiday Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away will release on Sept. 7 2021, just in time for the holiday season!

The collection is set to span several eras within the Star Wars timeline, across eight stories. While information regarding these stories is, naturally, sparse, the reveal did give us a tidbit or two to set the scene. One tale, for example, will be set during the High Republic era, which will see Master Stellan Gios patrolling during Coruscant’s celebrations. Another will focus on a trio of Ewoks in the snow, which, frankly, has already sold me.

The stories themselves will feature themes of hope, kindness, family, and love, which are synonymous with Star Wars, as well as festive stories. The marriage of the two sounds absolutely perfect.

Cavan Scott told Star Wars:

"I think the first line in my original pitch for the book was “Ewoks in snow.” Anyone who talks to me about Star Wars knows my love of the furry little warriors and this seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Both George [Mann] and I are huge fans of winter folklore and through stories like this we wanted to explore the customs and beliefs that had developed on a number of worlds in the galaxy, including, of course, the forest moon of Endor."

Both Cavan Scott and George Mann have told stories within the Star Wars universe previously, with Scott contributing heavily to the High Republic series. Mann, however, has previously released two fairytale-style books: Myths and Fables and Dark Legends. Like Mann’s previous works, Life Day Treasury will be fully illustrated by Grant Griffin.

The title continues to fill out the publishing slate of Star Wars content set to release in 2021. There are no less than six more already-confirmed titles, including Cavan Scott’s own addition to the ongoing High Republic saga, The Rising Storm. With so much on the horizon, and plenty more to be announced, no doubt, 2021 is shaping up to be another very exciting year for Star Wars in publishing!

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