Viral video: Bernie Sanders goes from meme lord to Sith lord in Battlefront mod

Key art for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Photo: EA.
Key art for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Photo: EA. /

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders recently became one of the hottest memes on the internet (yet again). His most notable meme was the I Am Once Again Asking meme, but he really captured the internet’s attention during the January inauguration that saw him (un)comfortably seated in the audience with a pair of the fuzziest, warmest mittens you could find.

Of course, when a meme is born, the internet takes hold of it and turns it into some hilarious bits. And one person has gone so far as to put Sitting Bernie Sanders into the most popular video games as a playable character.

Posted by YouTuber ToastedShoes, one of the first video games that he showcases Sanders in is Star Wars: Battlefront II. In between Luke Skywalker and Rey in the character select menu is, well, the newest unofficial addition to the game: Bernie Sanders. In this mod, when you select him, Sanders is equipped with Darth Maul’s dual-bladed lightsaber — essentially making this video game Sanders a Sith lord. In the gameplay, “Darth Bernie” absolutely annihilates the competition, all while still sitting in his fold-up chair.

The YouTuber commissioned Joe Mashups to make the Sanders model, and then modders went to work to make the in-game modifications possible. And from there, the video was born. In the YouTube video, Sanders also appears in games like Resident Evil 7, Fallout 4, and even Skyrim. For gaming fans, it’s a hilarious video to check out. And you can watch it down below.

We’d love to see Bernie Sanders in other Star Wars video games. Imagine him as a Rebel pilot in Star Wars: Squadrons. Or what if a LEGO version of the Sanders meme was created for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga? The possibilities are really endless. And in this day and age (as apparent by this video), just about anything is possible to create!

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