Rumors say a new Star Wars shooter game will be released in 2021

Star Wars: Battlefront II: Photo courtesy of
Star Wars: Battlefront II: Photo courtesy of /

The world of Star Wars video games has been blown wide open with last month’s announcement of the franchise’s new gaming conglomerate, Lucasfilm Games. Now, word has been circulating online about a big potential title coming out later this year.

In a new rumor (first published by GameRant), it is being reported that Electronic Arts, also known as EA Games, is working on a “small-scale Star Wars game,” according to a posting on a gaming leaks subreddit. While details are minimal and the source of the leak has not been revealed, the same user also leaked the news that a remaster of the popular Knights of the Old Republic game is being worked on by another studio.

The news on Knights of the Old Republic has been mostly confirmed by other sources, so it is likely that the leak regarding the shooter game is mostly true as well. The minute details that the posting did provide included various basics about the game. Reportedly, this game has been “in the works for a little over two years,” and will be, “[a] much smaller scale project than something like Fallen Order, akin to Squadrons.”

The Squadrons that’s being referring to is Star Wars: Squadronsa single and multiplayer starship dogfighting game based on piloting mechanics. Squadrons was released in October 2020 to mostly positive reviews. This upcoming game will likely have those same point-and-shoot aspects but be focused on either first-person or third-person ground combat, similar to EA’s popular Star Wars: Battlefront series.

The post also mentions a potential release date for the game in the fourth quarter of 2021, and that it will be available on all major platforms besides the Nintendo Switch. It is unknown if the game will be compatible with both current and next-generation consoles.

GameRant also stated that it is unknown which development arm of EA is working on this game. “Almost all EA titles are made in the Frostbite engine, a proprietary engine created by developer DICE,” the article noted. “The only major studio under EA which does not use Frostbite is Respawn Entertainment, which used Unreal Engine 4 to make Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.”

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Sadly, these are the only details that have been given at this time regarding the game. What era of Star Wars, or what factions are playable, remains unknown. However, fans have been hankering for a good Star Wars shooter for a long time now. Hopefully, these rumors come to fruition, and there will be a new game to get our hands on towards the end of 2021.