Star Wars: Did Luke Skywalker get married?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi..Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)..Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd. ..© 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi..Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)..Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd. ..© 2017 Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. /

The Star Wars sequel trilogy, which takes place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, revealed Luke Skywalker as a disillusioned old hermit who exiled himself to the planet of Ahch-To to die, intending to take the Jedi religion to the grave with him.

When Rey finds him, he’s alone, and there’s no indication that he ever got married or started a family of his own like his sister. Most Star Wars fans are probably familiar with the Legends timeline in which Luke Skywalker married Mara Jade, a former servant of Emperor Palpatine turned Jedi. The two had a son named Ben Skywalker. The Legends timeline isn’t canon, however, and there’s been no revelation in material created since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 that Luke ever got married.

What if Luke never left Tatooine?

Interestingly, though, the novelization of The Last Jedi begins with the line, “Luke Skywalker stood in the cooling sands of Tatooine, his wife by his side.” Luke is dreaming of an alternate universe in which he never left Tatooine, and in this alternate universe, he married a woman named Camie. Not much has been revealed about Camie, probably because in the Star Wars canon, she’s little more than a figment of Luke’s imagination, at least in this opening scene of the novelization. But Camie was actually a character in A New Hope, although her scenes were deleted from the final cut. Played by actress Koo Stark, Camie was a potential love interest of Luke who hung around the infamous Toche Station where Luke wanted to pick up some power converters. She’s briefly mentioned in the young adult A New Hope adaptation The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farmboy by Alexandra Bracken.

The girl of Luke’s dreams, literally

Though Luke’s imagining of an alternate life for himself doesn’t appear in the film, its appearance in the novelization makes it canon, which means the disillusioned old hermit we met in The Last Jedi really did imagine this. For Luke to be thinking about this woman more than 30 years after he left Tatooine behind suggests she was important to him at some point in the past. This raises several questions. Did he ever see her again after the events of A New Hope? Did they ever develop a relationship after the fall of the Empire? Did they ever get married? Did they have children? Where is she now?

What if Luke did get married?

Luke imagines an alternate past in which he never left Tatooine and married Camie. The never leaving Tatooine part is definitively part of an alternate set of past events. But what if Camie wasn’t just part of an alternate past? What if he actually did marry her? What if she died at some point, perhaps at the hands of Kylo Ren? In Legends, Mara Jade is killed by Jacen Solo, the character Kylo Ren was based on. What if Luke is imagining this alternate past not just because he wishes he’d never discovered the Force and all the pain it’s led to, but because he’s broken over the recent loss of Camie? What if he’s imagining a past in which Camie is alive and they’re happy together because he’s seen Camie, his wife, die? Early speculation after the release of The Force Awakens was that Luke was standing over a grave marker on Ahch-To when Rey found him, though this hasn’t been explored any further. But what if it was a grave or memorial for Luke’s deceased wife?

There’s more to Luke’s story

Luke’s story between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens is almost completely open and ready for exploration. There’s a galaxy of possibilities for what happened in Luke’s life during those years. It seems quite possible that Luke got married at some point. Maybe to Camie, or maybe Disney will bring Mara Jade into the canon. Either way, though Luke died at the end of The Last Jedi, his appearance just five years after Return of the Jedi in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian shows that Luke’s story is far from over.

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Did Luke Skywalker get married? We don’t know yet, but it’s definitely possible, so we’ll just have to wait and see.