Legends of Mandalore: Star Wars’ most legendary Mandalorians from the Old Republic

Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm.
Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm. /
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Mandalore The Ultimate. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Mandalore The Ultimate. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

3. TE ANI’LA MAND’ALOR (Mandalore the Ultimate)

Group Affiliation(s): Neo-Crusaders
Species: Taung
Gender: Male

Occupation: World Conqueror, Mand’alor
First Appearance: Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Sith War # 6 — Dark Lord

Character History:

Rather than being chosen by his people, this Mand’alor took up the mantle after discovering the ceremonial helmet from the leftover remains of its previous owner, Mandalore the Indomitable. Like his predecessor, Mandalore the Ultimate was led by a vision on the planet Shogun to steer his people into a new direction. Under his leadership, the Mandalorians began to diversify their ranks with a multitude of different species, with humans making up the predominant recruits.

Unfortunately, Mandalore the Ultimate would be manipulated by the Dark Side of the Force to “see” a false premonition that led to the re-militarization of the Mandalorians into a more uniform group called the Neo-Crusaders. This new vision instigated the infamous ‘Mandalorian Wars’ that was a decade in the making.

Mandalore the Ultimate and his Neo-Crusaders atrocities on planets such as Cathar and Jebble attracted the attention of the Jedi, particularly a group led by an amnesiac Jedi named Revan. This Jedi would later kill Mandalore the Ultimate in a duel on the Sith planet, Malachor V. The Ultimate’s death marked the last time that a member of the Taung species would lead the Mandalorians.

Powers/Skills: Mandalore the Indomitable possessed superior charisma/leadership skills, was an expert in both unarmed and weapons combat, and had the naturally heightened physical abilities/senses of his species. He also had enhanced powers such as electricity control, dark-Force manipulation, and expelling blast-force energy, plus other abilities gained from the suit he wore.

What Goes Around… : The Taung were driven to near extinction following the Battle of Malachor V, thus leaving behind the Mandalorian culture that would come to be dominated by humans. Some could see this as poetic justice after the Mandalorians had exterminated so many other species in their war of conquest.