Legends of Mandalore: Star Wars’ most legendary Mandalorians from the Old Republic

Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm.
Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm. /
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Group Affiliation(s): Sith Empire

Height: 6′ 6″ (2 meters)
Weight: 285 lbs (129 kilograms)
Species: Human, Tan-skinned
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn

Homeworld: Geonosis

Occupation: Former Gladiator, Mand’alor
First Appearance: Star Wars: The Old Republic — Timeline 3: The Return of the Mandalorians (PC game)

Character History:

This Mand’alor is one of the few of his kind to be held in low esteem, hence his title. Prior to becoming Mand’alor, he was a Geonosian gladiator whose victories were being secretly fixed by the Sith Empire. The reason for their interference was because they sought to use him as their personal pawn in bringing forth more support from the Mandalorians, whom they wished to use to end their stalemate against the Republic forces.

Following his ascension to Mand’alor, he used his authority to unite his people once again in service of the Sith. His alliance with the Sith proved useful when he held a blockade over an important trade route called the Hydian Way.

Seeking to reinvigorate his fellow Mandalorians, as well as booster support for himself, this Mand’alor called for the revival of an ancient competition called the Great Hunt. Unfortunately, he was deposed by the Grand Champion of this competition — a bounty hunter named Artus Lok — who shot him dead after challenging him for the title of Mand’alor. In the aftermath of this victory, the truth of how the previous Mand’alor ascended to power came to light and his title was demoted to that of the Lesser.

Powers/Skills: Mandalore the Lesser was an above-average hand-to-hand combatant from his many years spent inside the gladiatorial arenas of Geonosis. Besides his combat skills, he also had the agility, speed, and stamina of a highly-active athlete.

It ends where it began: The arena of Geonosis that the Lesser fought in was possibly the same one that would be used to initiate the opening battles of the Clone Wars millennia later.