Legends of Mandalore: Star Wars’ most legendary Mandalorians from the Old Republic

Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm.
Shae Vizla Korriban (Mandalore the Avenger). Photo: Lucasfilm. /
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TE SOL’US MAND’ALOR (Mandalore the Uniter). Photo: Lucasfilm.
TE SOL’US MAND’ALOR (Mandalore the Uniter). Photo: Lucasfilm. /

8. TE SOL’US MAND’ALOR (Mandalore the Uniter)

Group Affiliation(s): Clan Awaud
Species: Human, Light-skinned
Gender: Male

Occupation: Former Bounty Hunter, Mand’alor
First Appearance: Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry (first mentioned),
Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter’s Code by Daniel Wallace (first shown)

Character History:

Aga Awaud, a Mandalorian mercenary, was among the greatest of his people to become Mand’alor. His journey to becoming Mand’alor came after he was forced to take action against the ravages of disease and predatory raids that had left his homeworld in shambles. His exasperation led to the beginning of a movement known as the Return, wherein Mandalorians from all corners of the galaxy were once again united together on their ancestral home.

This reuniting of a common culture led to not just a strengthening of bonds between the Mando’ade but the beginning of an unprecedented growth in prosperity. For his contribution to their resurgence, Awaud became known to his people as Mandalore the Uniter

Powers/Skills: He was skilled in the arts of bounty hunting having served in that profession. As such, he was a capable fighter and skilled at using a variety of weapons including ranged, side-arms, and melee. He also wore armor that came equipped with a variety of weapons for handling the threats he might encounter.

His greatest power/skill may have been his charismatic personality and political prowess which helped him to unite his people from all across the galaxy to a common cause.

The Legacy: The Shocktrooper armor worn by Mandalore the Uniter was so popular that it became the template used by countless generations of Mandalorians afterwards, including the Super Commandos, Jango Fett, and Din Djarin/Mando.