Star Wars: Characters who could appear in Rangers of the New Republic

Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic logo. Photo: Star Wars.
Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic logo. Photo: Star Wars. /
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mon mothma
A leader of the Galactic Senate’s Loyalist faction, Mon Mothma opposed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s policies during the final days of the Republic. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

Mon Mothma

Another character from the Star Wars’ original trilogy, Mon Mothma is another of the New Republic’s leadership who could make an appearance in Rangers of the New Republic.

The character of Mothma originally debuted in the franchise in Return of the Jedi as a leader of the Rebellion, briefing the pilots and soldiers prior to the Battle of Endor. The character has also appeared in live-action on other occasions, played by Genevieve O’Reilly in deleted scenes in Revenge of the Sith, and again as a part of Rogue One.

In expanded universal Star Wars material, Mothma was instrumental in the formation of the New Republic and went on to be elected the first Chancellor of the New Republic senate.

Seeing as the character has already been recast for recent live-action Star Wars projects, in addition to holding a prominent position in the New Republic during this time period, Mon Mothma is another likely character to be included in Rangers of the New Republic.

Mothma could appear in many capacities, either as a member of the leadership ordering assignments for the protagonists, or someone that they report a major discovery to after uncovering news regarding the Empire’s plans.

Either way, Mon Mothma would be a great inclusion in the series and with an actress already cast and recently included in the movies, she remains one of the most probable of the original trilogy characters to appear.