Meet the Jedi of The High Republic in this cool fan-made infographic

Star Wars’ new High Republic literary series has built up quite the backlog thus far in a short amount of time. The series has been teased for many months. And after only being around for a couple of weeks, we’ve gotten a great handful of High Republic books and comics for us to read.

One slight problem with all this new content means that we have a lot of new info to keep up with in a short amount of time. The High Republic series, after all, has been built up completely from scratch. These events take place 200 years before The Phantom Menace, which means we have completely new characters to learn about — and with some of these characters being mentioned or appearing in multiple publications, you’ll need some way to keep tabs on who’s who and what they do.

Luckily, Italian site Star Wars Libri & Comics created a super cool infographic to help everyone keep up. The infographic (as found by Fantha Tracks) takes each High Republic book that’s out so far and breaks down the major Jedi characters in each book. They also provide some extra info about each of the characters, such as specific relationships like current and former Padawans and Masters. And on top of that, they show you who currently sits on the Jedi Council during this era.

Star Wars: The High Republic characters infographic

Below is a high-quality image of the infographic that Star Wars Libri & Comics provided. You can also download a high-resolution version of it directly from their site.

It’s mentioned that this infographic is the second version that they’ve released. The first graphic that they made came out in December 2020. That was before the official release of the first High Republic novel, Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule. And the original graphic contained almost the same information as the new one, though it’s not nearly as expansive and in-depth as the updated version.

Star Wars: The High Republic infographic. Courtesy of Star Wars LibriComics.

With both of these, it’s great to see these characters and relationships all mapped out. As we previously wrote, sometimes it gets a bit difficult to keep up with all the new characters, especially considering this is a rare time when we don’t see them on screen. All we have are a few character concept sketches and (mostly) our imaginations.

Luckily, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has been putting out helpful videos about each of the Star Wars characters. For example, the latest one profiles the Jedi Sskeer, who (as we can see in the infographics) appears in The High Republic comic from Marvel.

Overall, it’s exciting to see the Star Wars universe become more expansive, and infographics like these are an awesome way to help keep Star Wars fans on top of things!