Treat your pet to Star Wars items worthy of The Child from The Disney Collection at Chewy

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Since we’ve all seen Star Wars’ second season of The Mandalorian on Disney+, we are all missing the adventures of The Child in a faraway galaxy. To fill this Baby Yoda-shaped hole in your heart, the Disney Collection at Chewy features items for your pet from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney classics.

There are over 400 items in the Disney Collection across these four brands, but the ones we care about the most are about Star Wars. This collection isn’t just about toys you can give your pet. You’ll find this collection also has clothing, collars, leashes, beds, and more for your companion to enjoy. Let your cat run around after a trio of Stormtrooper mice as your dog takes a nap in their new favorite bed featuring The Child, complete with large green ears. Run around later with a BB-8 rope toy or dress your pet up as Darth Vader in a hoodie that says “Dark Lord of the Sith” while your cat tries to chase a Millennium Falcon on a sting. For fans of The Child, you can tie a cute bandana with the character on your dog or try to with your cat. There are also leashes, harnesses, and collars showing the green character in all its glory.

Discover the BB-8 dog rope toy from the Disney Collection at Chewy.

Discover the BB-8 dog rope toy from the Disney Collection at Chewy.

Fans out there that also love characters from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel will find that the whole collection caters to each fandom and pet owner. Your four-legged best friend is about to get spoiled with treats from the Iron Man rope toys to the Pumbaa hide and seek plush toy. Now your pet can snuggle up with their new favorite toy while you rewatch your favorite Star Wars movie or show.

Discover the whole Disney Collection now only available at Chewy.