New Star Wars: Visions Ronin original novel could feature space samurai

Star Wars: Visions key art. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: Visions key art. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

We’re about to get a new Star Wars book “quite unlike any before it.” This week, Del Rey announced Ronin, an original novel from Emma Meiko Candon, will arrive on Oct. 12.

The book is part of the Star Wars: Visions collection, an animated series coming to Disney+ comprised of separate stories from anime creators. Candon’s book Ronin is said to be inspired by one of the Visions stories, not a novelization of one of the episodes.

Here’s what Del Rey had to say about publishing a story from Star Wars newcomer Candon:

"“…we’re so thrilled to have a vibrant new voice in Emma Mieko Candon joining the Star Wars author family. We can’t wait to share more of Emma’s story with you soon!”"

What is a Ronin in Star Wars?

Ronin isn’t a household name for most Star Wars fans, but the term has roots in 12th century Japan. In Star Wars, ronin is included in Jason Fry’s Aliens of the Galaxy reference book and described as a “hiveless outcast” who survived the defeat of his queen. The book describes Melitto Sarco Plank as a ronin who was a bounty hunter and tomb raider on the planet Devaron.

In Japanese history, rōnin were samurai warriors without masters who often caused trouble and sometimes were active rebels. Before the Tokugawa shogunate was founded, the number of ronin increased dramatically and the masterless samurai became “a great cause of disorder” in the 17th century.

Based on this history, Star Wars fans could be in for a treat with the Ronin original novel. An entire book about a masterless, rebellious space samurai? Sign us up.

The Ronin book news comes a week after Del Rey announced it would no longer be publishing The Mandalorian original novel due to the story continuing to evolve on screen through more seasons and spinoff show The Book of Boba Fett. However, author Adam Christopher is working with Del Rey on another book.

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