Give your home a sophisticated touch with these LEGO Star Wars collectibles

LEGO Darth Vader™ Helmet. Photo:
LEGO Darth Vader™ Helmet. Photo: /

Need a way to spruce up your home but still give it that nerdy, Star Wars touch? LEGO has just unveiled three new collector’s items that would be absolutely perfect for the sophisticated Star Wars fans out there.

Unveiled today on, LEGO revealed the collector’s items are all about the Empire. The first (and probably coolest) item you can get from them is the LEGO Darth Vader Helmet. Coming in at $69.99, this Vader helmet build (as well as the other two) is recommended for builders 18 years of age and up — as it could definitely be a bit too complicated for the younger LEGO fans out there. Once completed, this helmet stands at 8 inches high and will look perfect anywhere around the home.

Similarly, LEGO also has its Scout Trooper Helmet, which is a nearly identical build to the Darth Vader helmet. It stands at 7 inches, and this one is a bit cheaper — coming in at $49.99. And finally, LEGO also has a new Imperial Probe Droid collectible. This build measures at 10.5 inches and will cost you $59.99.

All of the items are available for pre-order now, and the LEGO site says they will begin shipping on April 26, 2021. For photos of these cool, new LEGO collectibles, continue on below.

Star Wars home decor collectibles

LEGO Darth Vader Helmet
LEGO Darth Vader™ Helmet. Photo: /
Imperial Probe Droid
LEGO Imperial Probe Droid. Photo: /
LEGO Scout Trooper Helmet
LEGO Scout Trooper™ Helmet. Photo: /

It looks like this completes a set of previously released collectible figures. As a part of this set, there’s also the TIE Fighter Pilot Helmet, Stormtrooper Helmet, and Boba Fett Helmet, all of which are available to purchase now (no pre-order waiting necessary).

Back over on, LEGO designers spoke about what it was like to translate these items from being movie props to buildable, home decor collector’s items. For those who aren’t quite convinced that LEGO can be for older Star Wars fans, design director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen offered some advice:

"Give it a try! I am sure it will be fun. No matter If you were playing and building with LEGO as a child, I am sure you will enjoy it now as a grown up. Building these adult-focused sets is almost like solving a three-dimensional puzzle. It is fun and relaxing, and when you are done, you will end up with something to display in your home or office, that for sure will become a topic of conversation!"

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