10 must-see movies that Star Wars fans can watch on Disney+ right now

Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009). Photo: Twentieth Century Fox.
Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009). Photo: Twentieth Century Fox. /
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7. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is based around Disney’s theme park of the same name. This would be a perfect fit for any Star Wars fan and is great for the entire family. It stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, and Keegan-Michael Key.

The film begins when we meet a boy named Frank Walker (older version portrayed by George Clooney) back in 1964. He attended the world’s fair to show off his prototype jet pack to Nix (Hugh Laurie). However, it wasn’t fully functioning so he was later approached by a little girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who hands him a special pin with a “T” on it and told him to go on Walt Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride that was actually at the world’s fair in real life. He sneaks onto the ride and is transported into Tomorrowland, a future and sci-fi world that features people with real working jet packs, droids, flying homes, and more.

The viewers then meet teenager Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) who keeps sabotaging the scheduled demotions of a NASA launch site, where her father Eddie (Tim McGraw) worked at and will most likely lose his job. She is caught by authorities after her latest attempt and once she is let go she discovers the same “T” pin in her belongings. Once she touches it, she is transported into the Tomorrowland world. Unfortunately, the battery ran out before she could finish exploring and she was transported back home.

The film follows Casey working with Athena and Frank to save the world as we know it and prevent the catastrophic future predictions from happening.