5 theories from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch trailer

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The recent Star Wars: The Bad Batch trailer sparked fun conversation and intriguing theories across social media. After viewers geeked out over the appearances of Wilhuff Tarkin, Fennec Shand, and Saw Gerrera, they tried to guess Omega’s backstory, why Crosshair had little screen time, and what other notable faces could pop up throughout the series.

The trailer only gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in this post-Order 66 galaxy. There’s a significant portion of the story we don’t know much about yet, but we have a few theories about what the first season might have in store for us.

1. Does Tarkin want to install inhibitor chips in the Bad Batch?

Based on what we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like the five members of Clone Force 99 don’t have inhibitor chips. While Tarkin might consider this group of mutated clones to be extremely independent and individualistic, maybe the decision to eliminate them isn’t the first thought that comes to his mind. After all, they’re a vital resource as a special forces squad.

What if Tarkin demands they be implanted with inhibitor chips? That way, they stay under Imperial control. It’s not too much of a far-fetched theory, since the Empire will eventually use this technology to control enslaved Wookiees, as seen in Aftermath: Empire’s End. What if this turn of events forces Hunter and the group to escape Kamino?

2. Omega, a Force-sensitive child?

Both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels explore stories in which Darth Sidious steals Force-sensitive children to conduct experiments on them. Some even become part of the Imperial Inquisition and hunt down survivors of the Jedi Purge.

Could Omega be a kidnapped Force-sensitive child? Her decorative headpiece gives us the impression she’s from a different culture or planet. Similar to Grogu in The Mandalorian, what if genetic scientists have been experimenting on her? And, if she’s not Force-sensitive, that brings us to our next question.

3. Is Omega a clone?

The Kaminoan scientists are primarily recognized for their cloning technology, and the only other kids running around Tipoca City are young clones based on Jango Fett’s template. The Clone Wars even made a reference to Fett’s DNA and how it had to be stretched to produce more clones. What if the Kaminoans are experimenting with a new donor’s genetic code? Or, in keeping with Clone Force 99’s unique abilities, what if Omega also has genetic mutations?

4. Is Fennec Shand hunting down Omega?

We know Tarkin wants to eliminate Clone Force 99, but by taking Omega with them, we think the genetically-enhanced clones have even bigger targets on their backs. It’s similar to what Din Djarin experienced when he took Grogu back from the Client and Dr. Pershing. Bounty hunters relentlessly chased after him and the baby.

While the trailer makes it look like Shand’s out to kill the Bad Batch per Tarkin’s orders, we think she serves another purpose. Given her reputation as a mercenary, it’s possible the Empire hires her to capture Omega and bring the child back to Kamino.

5. Crosshair, a traitor?

There could be several explanations as to why Crosshair barely makes an appearance in the trailer. For one, he’s a sniper. He hides high and takes out targets from afar, so maybe he’s just off to the side somewhere. That said, it would be interesting to see one brother not falling in line with the others. It wouldn’t be the first time a clone betrayed another clone, but what if it’s not the usual traitor storyline? What if Crosshair stays behind with the intention of being an inside man, feeding information to his brothers and playing the long game?

With so little information to go on, those are all the theories we have, but it’s possible we could learn more details about the show when television promos and previews surface in the coming weeks. What theory do you want to see come true?

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch debuts on Disney+ starting May 4.