Star Wars: Republic Commando finally arrives on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Star Wars: Republic Commando. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: Republic Commando. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

For those of you who missed out on Star Wars: Republic Commando during its original 2005 release on Xbox and PC, your time is now. It was announced in February that the game would be re-released for newer consoles, and the day has finally come.

As of April 6, Star Wars: Republic Commando is available on two new consoles. First, it’s available on the Nintendo Switch as a digital download. You can head over to the Nintendo eShop to get it, where the game will cost you $14.99, excluding tax.

The game is also currently available for the PlayStation 4. Of course, you can get a digital download of that on the PlayStation Store. And for the PS4 digital download, the game also costs $14.99. For PS5, SlashGear reports the PS4 game is backwards compatible, so it can be played on the next-gen console. And there’s even a report that an update for the game now includes 4K support for the PS5 as well.

Here’s a description of the game, via Nintendo:

"The squad is your weapon. Boss, Fixer, Scorch, and Sev, better known as Delta Squad, are back on Nintendo Switch! Relive the legendary campaign.Welcome to the Clone Wars: Chaos has erupted throughout the galaxy. As leader of an elite squad of Republic Commandos, your mission is to infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately annihilate the enemy.Battle Relentless Enemies: Battle a variety of highly intelligent and deadly enemies—from brutal Trandoshan mercenaries to the flying insectoid warriors of Geonosis.The Squad is Your Weapon: Your squad will follow your orders, performing complex commands and strategic maneuvers. You are their leader. They are your weapon."

Star Wars: Republic Commando limited edition copies

If you’re someone who values having physical copies of the games you buy, Limited Run Games has come to the rescue. The company partnered with Lucasfilm to create two versions of the game for both new consoles (the Nintendo Switch and the PS4). Over on their website, you can find a standard copy of the game for $29.99 or you can get a Collector’s Edition set for $89.99.

In the Collector’s Edition set, you get a physical copy of the game, certificate of authenticity, a commemorative coin, a thermal detonator enamel pin, art cards, and a poster — all encased in a quality SteelBook case. Pre-orders for these will begin April 16 at 10 a.m. ET.

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