Why Star Wars: Detours should be released after its long hiatus

Star Wars: Detours logo. Photo via IMDB.
Star Wars: Detours logo. Photo via IMDB. /

It appears that one of George Lucas’ long-lost Star Wars projects may finally be seeing the light of day after almost a decade on the shelves. If this is true, then I think the fanbase is better off for it.

A new rumor first published by The Vulcan Reporter says that the mythical Star Wars: Detours will reportedly be released on Disney+ in the near future. This information should probably be taken with a great of salt until there is an official announcement from Lucasfilm. Despite this, The Vulcan Reporter does share some details on the show’s potential release:

"It was reported that roughly two seasons of the show were produced (39 episodes), with many more episodes being left un-produced with finished scripts. Fortunately for Star Wars fans of the series, we have learned that more episodes have been produced since the initial report."

If this report does in fact turn out to be true, then I think that Disney+ is adding a great show to their lineup, and one that is unlike anything else that has ever been produced in the Star Wars universe.

For those who are unfamiliar, Star Wars: Detours was an animated comedy series, created by George Lucas himself, that was intended to be a general parody of Star Wars. The show was first announced in 2012 and included original trilogy voice actors such as Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels.

There was a lot of marketing done for the show, and a full episode can even be seen on YouTube. However, once Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the show was placed on the backburner to focus on developing new content, and most people assumed that Star Wars: Detours was lost to the stars.

As I said, I do hope that these rumors turn out to be true and that fans do get to finally experience this long-lost show. First of all, it would allow us to see more George Lucas-led Star Wars content. While this is obviously not a full-length movie or an action show like the Clone Wars, it is still something that the creator himself developed.

Additionally, it is a comedic parody of Star Wars, something that has never been seen through Lucas’ eyes himself. Lucas is famously a big fan of Star Wars parodies, with his favorite reportedly being the Hardware Wars, which came out just a year after A New Hope. To see an actual parody from the man who started it all would be a unique treat and something that would be a complete one-off in the Disney+ lineup.

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What do you think about Star Wars: Detours? Should this show finally gets its long-awaited release? Let us know below!