Cavan Scott discusses new The High Republic graphic novel

Concept art of the various new Jedi of the High Republic. Art by Phil Noto. Photo: Star Wars.
Concept art of the various new Jedi of the High Republic. Art by Phil Noto. Photo: Star Wars. /
facebooktwitterreddit unveiled an early look at the first original graphic novel to take place in The High Republic era. The High Republic: The Monster of Temple Peak is another story by Cavan Scott, who is known for the original audio drama Dooku: Jedi Lost, which explored Count Dooku’s long journey to the Dark Side, and the main Marvel Comics The High Republic title.

The Monster of Temple Peak will focus on an intriguing knew character named Ty Yorrick, a monster hunter who is known by the title “sabre-for-hire.”

Though The High Republic era is focused on the Jedi Order at a time when they’re much more prevalent throughout the galaxy, Yorrick herself isn’t a Jedi (anymore), and The Monster of Temple Creek will serve to explore her journey from Padawan to mercenary.

Scott told, “Ty Yorrick is a character I’ve wanted to introduce to Star Wars for a long time and The High Republic has provided the perfect opportunity.”

This character, who Scott describes as “a mystery to just about everyone who meets her,” will also appear in two other The High Republic stories, The Rising Storm and Race to Crashpoint Tower, in June before IDW releases the first of four monthly issues of The Monster of Temple Creek in August. Below is a new video about Ty Yorrick herself from Star Wars.

The High Republic character: Ty Yorrick video

Scott also suggested the story will have a connection to one of his other stories: “In The Monster of Temple Peak, we’ll discover what happened to set her on a very different path than she expected and how a crisis in her past links to events hinted at in my audio original Dooku: Jedi Lost.

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