Star Wars: The Bad Batch schedule: When do new episodes come out?

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath"
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath" /

Star Wars Day is almost upon us, bringing with it the premiere of the highly anticipated animated series The Bad Batch.

The new addition to the Star Wars franchise is a spin-off of the popular The Clone Wars series that aired on Cartoon Network before making the jump to Netflix for its sixth season and then Disney+ for its seventh and final season in 2020.

The Bad Batch takes place after the events of its predecessor, dropping viewers into a post-Clone Wars era as the Empire begins its regime. Clone Force 99, a group of elite soldiers, are forced to find their place in this new world that is no longer in the middle of a war.

With their specialized skill sets specifically attuned to combat, Tech, Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, and Crosshair find new and interesting ways to adapt to the changing conditions around them. Namely taking on mercenary missions.

Used to the dirty work of war, the crew take up their arms to stay afloat, setting their course for danger and the kind of excitement that is certain to leave someone for dead.

The Bad Batch release schedule

The Bad Batch is set to land on Disney+ on Tuesday, May 4 with a special 70-minute premiere. Subsequent episodes will release Fridays beginning on May 7. Each episode will drop at 12:01 a.m. PT.

The series is confirmed to have at least 14 episodes. There’s been no word on how many episodes the season will consist of in total.

Bearing that in mind, if further episodes aren’t added to the season, The Bad Batch could run on the streamer until the end of July. We’re tentatively placing the finale of the series as a July 30 release.

With a three-month run, The Bad Batch could shape up to be the series of the summer for Star Wars fans and casual viewers alike.

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