The 25 most iconic Star Wars movie posters of all time

Star Wars Episodes IV, I and VII posters. Composite: Dork Side of the Force.
Star Wars Episodes IV, I and VII posters. Composite: Dork Side of the Force. /
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Revenge of the Sith Teaser poster
Revenge of the Sith Teaser poster. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

6. Revenge of the Sith teaser poster

This poster was the first official tease from Lucasfilm of the final chapter in the prequel trilogy. It signaled the climax of the story we’ve been building to ever since we all saw that image of a young boy casting a Darth Vader shadow before the first movie even came out.

This poster is clearly inspired by the visuals of the Phantom Menace teaser poster. Again, we have an image of Anakin Skywalker with his future as Darth Vader unmistakably looming over him. While it was a shadow in the earlier poster, this time Darth Vader appears in Anakin’s cape. The helmet of Darth Vader takes up so much more real estate on the poster this time around, with Anakin almost being pushed to the side by the almost overwhelming presence of Vader.

Visually, this puts us further down the path toward Vader, as his presence on the poster is not only unmistakable but is the point of the entire poster. Not to mention the only part of Anakin that we get a good look at is his eye that is sporting a new scar, one that wasn’t there in the last movie, and one that we don’t have an explanation for.

The jump from Episode I to Episode II gave us a new actor to play Anakin, but this poster makes it clear that even if it’s the same actor this time around, this isn’t the same Anakin that we had at the end of the second movie.