10 best, most hilarious Star Wars parodies of all time

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here (2018). Photo: Marvel Comics.
Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here (2018). Photo: Marvel Comics. /
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8. Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

There aren’t that many great parodies about the sequel trilogy. For the most part, that’s just because those movies are newer and enough time hasn’t passed for some really great parodies to be made. A future version of this list will undoubtedly have plenty of entries making fun of the events of The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker. But for now, we have a really great sequel parody in this sketch from Saturday Night Live.

Adam Driver (who was hosting that week) reprised his role as Kylo Ren for an episode of Undercover Boss where Kylo Ren, disguised as a radar technician named Matt, tries to find out what members of the first order really think about him. Of course, Kylo Ren isn’t exactly known for his calm demeanor, and hearing what people have to say leads to expected humorous results. Though it’s one of the newest parodies on the list, this has become one of the most popular SNL sketches in the past several years, with the radar technician costume made for the sketch becoming canon thanks to an episode of Star Wars: Resistance, and SNL releasing a sequel to the sketch a few years later when Adam Driver returned to host while promoting The Rise of Skywalker.

9. Star S’Mores

If you’re looking for a Star Wars parody that you can enjoy with your very young children, Sesame Street has your back. With Cookie Monster cast in the Han Solo role, the rescuing of Princess Parfaya (Leia) keeps getting derailed because Chewbacca is being portrayed by a sentient cookie who Cookie Monster keeps wanting to eat. Complete with a Grover take on Yoda, and a Snuffleupagus Bantha hidden in the background, this short, silly sketch is perfect for when you want to sneak some Star Wars into your educational children’s programming. It even comes with a very good lesson about self-control and how important it is, including strategies for distracting yourself when you want to eat the sentient cookie who’s also your co-pilot.  Strategies that will hopefully work in other areas of your life where self-control is needed as well.