Star Wars’ most iconic ships can be seen while you sip away at the Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish – Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. Disney Cruise Line News.
Disney Wish – Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. Disney Cruise Line News. /

2022 is looking to be a spectacular year for fans of Star Wars, Disney, and cruises! For those who haven’t heard, the Disney Wish cruise ship is due to set sail in summer 2022, joining the growing Disney Cruise Line fleet.

While that is excellent news on its own, it’s the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge that has everyone talking! According to the Star Wars website, as you enjoy your time in the lounge, you’ll also be treated to a special view into outer space. From the viewport (or rather, the large display acting as a viewport), you get to see all sorts of ships traveling to and fro throughout the galaxy.

Currently, only five planet destinations have been released and over 40 starships can be spotted thanks to a little Disney magic (and the visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic). To give you a better visual, watch the 30-second video posted on the above-mentioned Star Wars website. And you can see a photo of the lounge in the tweet shared by Star Wars below.

As you can see in the video, there is a very realistic space battle taking place between TIE Fighters and X-Wing Starfighters. The realistic and stunning sights and sounds bring the guests right up close to the action!

Guests who wander into the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge will be able to see several starships from five planets

Here’s a list of all the starships you can see while you enjoy your time at the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge aboard the Disney Wish.


"CR70 diplomatic cruiserCoruscant transport freighterCorellian CR90 corvetteNaboo N-1 starfighterStarspeeder 3000"


"Imperial arrestor cruiserImperial Star DestroyerImperial Delta-class shuttleImperial TIE boarderImperial TIE fighter"


"Corellian passenger transportRogue-class fighterThe Millennium FalconNew Republic prison shipThe Razor CrestKGZ-54 StarcraneAA-C39 freighterGhtroc 820 TransportLantzant Hybrid HaulerLancer pursuit craftVictor-wing fighter"


"Resistance A-wing fighterTuggs’ Grub food transportCoruscant AA-9 passenger linerCoruscant transport freighterMining guild freighterThe Millennium FalconResistance MC85 Mon Calamari cruiserFirst Order Star DestroyerFirst Order TIE fighterTraffic shipsZH-40 freighterResistance X-wing fighter"


"Resistance bunkerbusterMining guild freighterYT-2400 freighterGozanti cruiserNebulon-B frigateTri-wing S-91X fighterResistance cargo frigateResistance MC85 Mon Calamari cruiserFirst Order TIE fighterDrovan freighterRazor assault shipResistance X-wing fighterResistance Y-wing fighter"

Anyone interested in learning more about Disney Wish can click the link here.

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Which starship is your favorite and why? Leave your answers in the comment section below, I’d love to read them!