How many episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will there be?

The Bad Batch season 1 episode 2: Cut and Run. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch season 1 episode 2: Cut and Run. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is already off to a great start. In its first week, we got not one but two amazing episodes. And we can tell from just those two that there’s no slowing down from here.

The series has proven that even spinoffs of The Clone Wars can be just as good as the original animated series itself. And on top of that, the father of all this, Dave Filoni, is also proving that he will go down in the halls of history as one of Star Wars’ best creators ever.

That being said, Filoni, along with showrunners Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett, are giving the series plenty of great storylines to explore. For one, there’s the tale of the aftermath of the Clone Wars and the beginning days of the Empire — all being told from the perspective of Clone Force 99. (So basically, not from the perspective of a Jedi or Force-sensitive person). And there have also been other storylines and threads that have been explored like Kanan Jarrus’ early days, the creation of chain codes, and even what Captain Rex was up to after the Clone Wars.

So, just how long can we expect to follow the adventures of Clone Force 99 in season 1?

How many episodes in The Bad Batch?

Thanks to showrunner Brad Rau, we know that The Bad Batch season 1 will have 16 episodes. Previously, it was hinted that The Bad Batch would have at least 14 episodes. But as Rau confirmed to CNET, we are indeed looking at 16 episodes for this season. (He could neither confirm nor deny if there will be more seasons after that.)

So, while Disney+ doesn’t like to drop all of its episodes at once, this means we’ll be watching episodes of The Bad Batch all through the spring and even the summer. That means you may want to mark your calendars to watch the series every Friday until Aug. 13. Or, you’ll just want to mark your calendars to indicate that’s the day when you can finally binge-watch The Bad Batch in its entirety.

Based on experience, it’s quite nice to binge the series without worrying about cliffhangers. Especially since the episodes are so short and the series will be airing over a long period of time. But of course, if you don’t want spoilers, watching it weekly is the way to go!

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