The Bad Batch episode 3 synopsis, title and runtime revealed

The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3: Replacements. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Disney+ is on week two of airing Star Wars: The Bad Batch. But since we got two episodes last week, we’re already onto episode 3 of the series.

Released just today, Friday, May 14, The Bad Batch episode 3 is bound to be another thrill ride as we continue to learn about how the group of irregular clones survives past Order 66.

Just last week, in “Cut and Run,” the group visited old friend Cut Lawquane. We last saw him in The Clone Wars as the clone who got away to start a family in a remote location. And in that last episode, we also learned that Cut and his family could no longer stay in their home thanks to the Empire. So they packed their belongings, forged some chain codes, and escaped to safety.

In that episode, Hunter was also going to send Omega on her way with the Lawquane family, but she decided at the last minute to escape back to the Bad Batch and continue on adventures with them. Now, as we enter episode 3, Disney+ has shared a few details about what to expect in this week’s episode.

The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3 synopsis, title and runtime

The title for The Bad Batch season 1 episode 3 is “Replacements.” And the episode is about 28 minutes long. Here’s the official synopsis from Disney+:

"The Batch get stuck on a desolate moon."

Once again, Disney+ is giving us very little to work with — but for good reason, of course. It’s always better to come into an episode knowing as little as possible. And we don’t want the whole episode to be spoiled for us just from the title and synopsis alone.

But this does make us curious to know where the Bad Batch will be headed next and what they intend on doing now that they can’t lie low with Cut. Will the Bad Batch have no choice but to revolt against the Empire? Will we see them on the cutting edge of the Rebellion?

There are so many questions. But the good news is that The Bad Batch episode 3 is out now. And you can watch for yourself on Disney+ to get all the answers.

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