Will Ahsoka Tano be in Star Wars: The Bad Batch?

Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 710 “The Phantom Apprentice” - Image Courtesy Disney+
Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 710 “The Phantom Apprentice” - Image Courtesy Disney+ /

Few Star Wars characters have the passionate fanbase that former Jedi Ahsoka Tano has. And while her debut in The Clone Wars had been off to a rocky one, every subsequent season proved that fans could fall in love with her more and more. And now, we see just how much of an integral part the Togruta plays in Star Wars history.

In her arc in The Clone Wars, she started out as the snippy, overly eager padawan of Anakin Skywalker. But as time went on, Ahsoka learned what it meant to be a Jedi — ultimately leaving the order behind, but taking with her the skills that she needed to help those around the galaxy.

We also saw her later on during the midst of the Empire in Star Wars Rebels as she came across the likes of Ezra Bridger and the Ghost crew. And, more recently, she even appeared in The Mandalorian as a lone-wolf warrior on the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Given that we’ve seen so much Ahsoka in recent years (including her having her own spinoff in the near future), some have been wondering if we’ll see Ahsoka in the newest Star Wars project: The Bad Batch. So, will the former Jedi be encountering Clone Force 99 in this post-Republic era?

Is Ahsoka in The Bad Batch?

Currently, there seems to be no plans for Ahsoka Tano to appear in The Bad Batch. Certain characters had been heavily teased to appear in the series, such as Tarkin, Fennec Shand, and Saw Gerrera. But Ahsoka Tano has not been one of those characters.

Still, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that Ahsoka could make some sort of appearance in the series. Caleb Dume (aka Kanan Jarrus) and Cut Lawquane both made un-announced appearances in the series, and we’re sure there’s more to come. So again, that doesn’t completely rule out an Ahsoka appearance in the show.

Right now, Ahsoka’s whereabouts are not entirely well known. We know at the end of The Clone Wars, she and Captain Rex are on their own now that they’re both basically treasonists in the eyes of the Empire. And in episode 2, it was hinted that Rex came to visit Cut Lawquane not long before the Bad Batch arrived. So, if the Bad Batch run into Rex, it could be possible that Ahsoka is with him. Otherwise, we could see the character going her own way as she stays in hiding, and it would be interesting to see on screen what Ahsoka was up to prior to the events of Star Wars Rebels.

So, we’ll be on the lookout for Ahsoka and other Star Wars characters in The Bad Batch. And with a 16-episode season, we’re sure there’s much more fun in store as the series continues to air.

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