What Star Wars movie is Baby Yoda in?

The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. Image courtesy Disney+
The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. Image courtesy Disney+ /

From the moment The Mandalorian series premiere first introduced the world to its lovable Yoda-like creature who has adoringly become known as Baby Yoda, fans can’t get enough of the adorable character.

Ever since his very first scene, fans have taken every chance they can get to learn more about the character’s history including his origin before The Mandalorian. Where was he before his introduction? Does he share a connection to Yoda? What is the full extent of his abilities?

Another top question that tends to pop up among fans is whether he’s made an appearance in any of the Star Wars movies or if there had been any reference to the character in any of the movies. Sure we know The Mandalorian‘s connections to the larger universe, but has he actually appeared in any of the Star Wars films? The answer isn’t likely to surprise many, but let’s take a look!

Is Baby Yoda in any of the Star Wars movies?

While Baby Yoda has become a phenomenon with the Star Wars fandom and is one of the franchise’s most iconic figures, the character has not appeared in any Star Wars movies.

Will Baby Yoda be in any future Star Wars movies?

Currently, there have been no plans announced by Lucasfilm for Baby Yoda to appear in a future Star Wars movie. That could, of course, change given the character’s popularity. It’s also unlikely Lucasfilm would reveal plans for a cameo in any of their upcoming Star Wars movies by instead looking to make it a surprise — much like his debut in The Mandalorian. 

Will there ever be a Baby Yoda movie?

It’s hard to tell whether we could see a Baby Yoda movie in the future, but we’ve learned to never say never. Considering where the character’s journey ended in season 2, it’s possible he could appear in a future film if Lucasfilm decides to do a Luke Skywalker prequel film.

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