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Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage" /

Last week’s episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch saw the Star Wars universe collide with the topic of slavery once again as Clone Troop 99 encountered a group of slavers who sought to grow their illegal and immoral business again under the Empire.

“Rampage” introduced Cid (voiced by the iconic Rhea Perlman), a former informant for the Jedi. Cid officially sent the Bad Batch on their first paid mission to retrieve a rancor for Jabba the Hutt, allowing fans a fun cameo in the form of Bib Fortuna.

The overall series seems to be converging with the mercenary theme, both with the hunter and hunted. As Cid reminded Hunter near the end of “Rampage,” Fennec Shand is still on the loose and being paid to find them, which means they may be valuable to other bounty hunters soon enough.

Meanwhile, the Bad Batch also finally became mercenaries themselves this past episode. As they no longer have the financial support of the Republic, taking on jobs like Cid’s may become necessary to survive and make up the remainder of the season.

Of course, Crosshair still looms large, too. While we haven’t seen him since episode 3, “Replacements,” there’s no doubt the former Bad Batch member is still on the hunt for his brothers (and Saw Gerrera) and will stop at nothing to find them and deliver them to the Empire.

What will happen when he does, and how Omega will play into it, remains to be seen. Of course, you’ll have to tune in to find out.

How to watch The Bad Batch episode 6

Here’s how you can watch season 1 episode 6 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch:

"Air Date: Friday, June 4Time: 12:00 a.m. PT / 3:00 a.m. ETEpisode: Episode 6Streaming Service: Disney+Live Stream: Stream the sixth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+."

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