New Star Wars: Retro Series Funko Pops! arriving in August

Pop! STAR WARS™: Retro Series. Photo: Funko.
Pop! STAR WARS™: Retro Series. Photo: Funko. /

New Star Wars Funko Pops! are arriving this summer, and this time they are taking a retro twist! The four Target Exclusive Funko Pops! are part of a Star Wars: Retro Series that fans must see to believe!

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and a stormtrooper sold at $8.99 each are looking a lot different from other Pop! versions of themselves. Unfortunately, only C-3PO is still available for pre-order, but the good news is all four Pops! will be arriving on Aug. 15, 2021.

Funko Pop! designers have really taken the next step toward a whole new kind of style for their Pops! For instance, the Darth Vader Pop! remains in his threatening stance of performing the Force choke, but he has undergone some interesting color changes.

He is now multiple shades of blue with red and orange hues for eyes! Even the box has striking differences from the usual design by channeling a comic book-like aesthetic.

Will you be purchasing these new Star Wars: Retro Series Funko Pops! when they arrive in August?

Each Pop! has a unique look to them as the shading and glossy colors create an impressive layered effect. These Pops! will literally stand out amongst their previous Star Wars counterparts, giving your collection a new look and style!

If you have been hesitant on Star Wars Funko Pops! before, perhaps this design is more to your liking. With this new take on Star Wars characters what future designs will Funko think of next?

Which Star Wars characters will be next in the Retro Series? Which characters do you want to see in this new style?

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Which Star Wars: Retro Series Funko Pop! is your favorite? Comment your answers below, I’d love to read them!