The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 6 is out now

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+. /

Some new challenges have been getting in the way for the Bad Batch. And since episode 4 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the fearsome assassin/bounty hunter Fennec Shand has been on the Batch’s trails (well, specifically Omega) for reasons unknown.

And in episode 5, the Bad Batchers knew they would have to figure out who this bounty hunter is, who she’s working for, and why they want Omega. That led them to visit an interesting character by the name of Cid, who would give them information on the bounty hunter… in exchange for a little work. Long story short, the Batch helped free the Rancor known as Muchi — which ended up being Jabba the Hutt’s — and Cid gave them a little intel about Shand.

Now, as we make our way to episode 6, it’s up to the Bad Batch to shake off Fennec Shand and discover who she’s working for. And with the episode out today on Disney+, Star Wars has helped tease this episode by releasing the trailer for the new episode, and you can watch it below.

The Bad Batch episode 6 trailer

Based on the latest trailer, it looks like the Bad Batch still can’t tell if Cid is a trustworthy character or not. And judging by last week’s episode, even if she did help them out, they should still carry a healthy sense of skepticism.

After all, these are hard times in the galaxy, and it means it’s hard to trust who’s friend or foe. (Take Crosshair, for example… though he’s still “friend” in our hearts.)

Still, it looks like Cid isn’t going to give them a choice. And that just may mean they have to take more work from her. Will the jobs get harder? Will they be put in more danger? We can probably assume yes. But hopefully, at the very least, this will mean they can eventually get more information about who’s hunting down Omega — and it should make for one interesting reveal once they find out.

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You can watch episode 6 of The Bad Batch on Disney+ right now!