Are all Mandalorians bounty hunters?

The Mandalorian chapter 15 "The Believer"
The Mandalorian chapter 15 "The Believer" /

For as long as we have known about them, the Mandalorian people have been closely associated with the most dangerous of professions: Bounty hunting.

Some of the most famous Mandalorians we know are indeed guns for hire. But does this apply to each and every one of them?

In the hit Disney+ show The Mandalorian, we are entrenched in the murky world of pucks and chain codes. The hallmark of the bounty hunter guild. It seems that every Mandalorian living beneath the world of Nevarro was a bounty hunter of some description. But these Mandalorians were facing desperate times.

Mandalorians make great bounty hunters. But is that all they do?

While the most famous among them are certainly adherents to the dangerous profession, there are in fact Mandalorians who are not bounty hunters.

A warrior culture through and through, strength is key to survive on Mandalore. But not all of them take up a blaster. Strength comes in many forms. A prime example of this is found in The Clone Wars character Duchess Satine Kryze, who was indeed a capable warrior but was no bounty hunter. She was in fact a noted pacifist.

Unusual among such a warrior-like people, Kryze was first and foremost a politician who wanted to elevate Mandalore beyond their ancient warrior culture and instead engage with the galaxy with more diplomatic tones.

Importantly, we note that perhaps the most famous Mandalorian of all time, Boba Fett, is technically not a traditional Mandalorian. When confronted about this by Satine’s sister Bo-Katan, Fett claims that he “never said [he] was Mandalorian” clearing up a longstanding debate among Star Wars fans.

So no, not all members of the proud warrior race are after some easy credits, taking down bounties. But given the nature of the job, the confusion is understandable!

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