The Bad Batch: 5 theories on who the Martez sisters could be working for

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Decommissioned." Photo: Disney+. /

Trace and Rafa Martez made their Bad Batch debuts in episode 6 of the series. They, much like Clone Force 99, were tasked with finding a tactical droid head and getting it to someone who can help in the fight against the Empire. While the sisters clashed with the team at first, they soon learned to get along.

The Bad Batch don’t ask Cid who their contact is as they just need the credits. However, the Martez sisters know who theirs is, but who is it? That’s where our list of five theories comes into play. We know that they were talking to someone, but we don’t see who it is — which, story-wise, could be anyone. Also, the concealment of this mystery character is similar to what played out in Star Wars Rebels season 1 before we found out who the identity of Fulcrum was.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

1. Ahsoka Tano

We know from The Clone Wars season 7 that the Martez sisters were introduced during the Ahsoka walkabout arc which happens a short while after the former Padawan leaves the Jedi Order at the end of season 5.

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The natural first thought is Ahsoka, as the Martez Sisters are not affiliated with that many familiar people that we know of.

Although, there seems to be more evidence pointing to it not being Ahsoka, and there are three reasons for this.

The first is that the former Jedi is on the run at this point in the timeline.

Point two is that when we see Rafa and Trace talking to their contact, we only see what looks like a corner of a white or cream tunic in the hologram. Ahsoka isn’t known to wear these colors.

Finally, we have something that one of the siblings says during the episode. Their contact wants the tactic droid because it has information that will help in the fight against the Empire. At this point in time, Ahsoka hadn’t been recruited by Bail Organa as it is stated in the Ahsoka novel that she is asked to help the former senator when his adoptive daughter, Leia, is older. During the events of The Bad Batch currently, the little princess is only a few weeks old at best. Whereas the novel mostly takes place a year later.

If It were Ahsoka, what would be her motivation for contacting her two new friends just weeks after Order 66?

2. Bail Organa

One name that has come up is Bail Organa, mostly because of the tunic. Now, this makes a load of sense given he was a member of the Delegation of 2000, which included Mon Mothma and Leia’s biological mother and Ahsoka’s close friend Padmé Amidala who died after her daughter’s (and son’s) births. The reason we think this is because this group is basically the founding members of what eventually becomes the Rebel Alliance.

It’s possible that Ahsoka put Bail in contact with the Martez sisters because she knew they could be trusted to help if needed.

3. Mon Mothma

Like Bail, Mon is known for wearing white and she was one of the leaders of the Rebel Alliance. She and Ahsoks not only share Padmé as a mutual friend but Bail as well. Now, Mothma is a little bit of a stretch. We know next to nothing outside of what she was doing outside of being an ally of Organa’s and a political mentor to Leia as she grew up.

We know about Bail’s movements after the declaration that the Republic was now the Empire because of his ties to both Leia and Ahsoka. However, Mon’s are a little more unclear. We don’t know anything of what she was doing until at least five years before the Battle of Yavin during which she joins the Ghost Crew.

Also, it’s unlikely Mon would go out on her own and create a small rebel cell. We know she does create a group of her own as stated by Wookieepedia, but not until a few years later.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Our next point of interest is Obi-Wan. Now, this one is a bit of a stretch also because of how Ahsoka felt about him. After she was framed for crimes she didn’t commit, Tano’s relationship with Kenobi became strained to the point of no repair. He sided with the Jedi Council over her during the trial that almost saw her executed for treason. When she returned to help capture Maul, they were civil, mostly for Anakin’s sake.

Despite the white tunic, we very much doubt that the Martez sisters would ask someone like Obi-Wan to help. Especially if Ahsoka didn’t totally trust him. Also, Kenobi had only just entered self-exile at that point so he could watch over infant Luke, and he probably wouldn’t have any need for a tactical droid.

5. Caleb Dume

Now, this last point might be far more far-fetched. What if the Martez sisters’ contact is none other than escaped Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume, aka the future Kanan Jarrus? Now, this is a stretch; we don’t actually know where the teenager ended up after he escaped Kaller. Also, we highly doubt he would have the credits to pay Trace and Rafa.

Caleb was only trying to survive, which is why he had to stop using his lightsaber and the Force — not to mention that he would probably be unwilling to help anyone who could potentially turn on him and report him to the Empire as a Jedi.

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Who is the Martez sisters’ mystery contact? Give us your thoughts below!