Dave Filoni’s best-directed episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clones Wars. "The Wrong Jedi." Season 5 episode 20. Photo: Lucasfilm.
Star Wars: The Clones Wars. "The Wrong Jedi." Season 5 episode 20. Photo: Lucasfilm. /

Since the mid-2000s, Dave Filoni has risen through the ranks at Lucasfilm, becoming widely known as the architect of what we know Star Wars as today. While other creators have of course left their marks, none are known to the degree that Filoni is. Creating shows such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Rebels and even having a hand in The Mandalorian, he has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Let us take a look at four of the best episodes directed by the great architect himself.

1. “Rising Malevolence”

Season 1, Episode 2

Following a slightly more muted opening with Yoda helping the Toydarians, Filoni started strong here. Being only the second episode of not only the season but also the series, there needed to be a strong opening. What better opening could there be than the Malevolence arc?

Filoni proved here that not only were we right to have faith, but that The Clone Wars would be different from what we have seen before. Following Jedi Master Plo Koon and a small squad of clones known as Wolfpack after an attack by a new separatist weapon, we see a very character heavy piece that shows us that the clones are more than just cannon fodder as the prequel movies showed, and are instead fully formed people as Master Plo goes on to prove.

2. “A Friend In Need”

Season 4, Episode 14

The first of Dave Filoni’s many episodes focused on fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano, this episode features the return of Lux Bonteri as he tries to find justice for the death of his mother.

What is good about this episode is the fact it features a well-written story of the Republic and the Separatists trying to forge a peace treaty, one that will effectively end the war. To show how far both sides have come so far in the war, the conference is held in the Mandalorian throne room. Even with Duchess Satine Kryze trying to alter the galaxy’s perceptions of the Mandalorians and factions such as Death Watch trying to create even more chaos, both the Republic and the Separatists have become desperate enough to trust them.

3. “The Wrong Jedi”

Season 5, Episode 20

As what was originally supposed to be the end of not only the fifth season of the show but the series as a whole, this end to the rogue Jedi arc ended on a beautifully heartbreaking note.

Following Ahsoka as she is blamed for killing people in the Jedi temple bombing, she is brought to stand trial for her supposed crimes. She’s stripped of not only her rank as a Padawan, but also most of the people she has come to call friends. Anakin, angry that the Jedi Council had already made their decision of finding her guilty and expelling her, does everything he can to see that the padawan that has grown to become like a sister to him is proven innocent. The most heartbreaking thing is that even though Anakin does prove her innocent; it is all for nothing as Ahsoka decides to chart her own course and leaves.

4. “Wookiee Hunt”

Season 3, Episode 22

Following on from the previous episode in the season, where we see Ahsoka subjected to a cruel game by the Trandoshans, she spends this episode continuing to evade them but gets some welcome (albeit unexpected) help.

Seeing the return of Chewbacca, everybody’s favorite Wookiee, was a surprising way to end the third season. It worked to not only show part of what Chewbacca was up to during the Clone Wars (that was not already shown in the prequel movies) but also advance Ahsoka’s story in such a way that we feel sympathetic for her and understand how she becomes hardened due to the war, able to make decisions such as leaving the Jedi Order.

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