The Bad Batch recap: Episode 7 ‘Battle Scars’ ending explained

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+. /

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch episode 7, “Battle Scars”

The looming problem of Clone Force 99’s still-intact inhibitor chips came to a head — literally — on The Bad Batch episode 7, titled “Battle Scars.” The Bad Batch clone troopers have put off dealing with their inhibitor chips even after learning about their dangers because they determined their genetic mutations made them immune to the chips’ controlling programming. But as Wrecker’s headaches have gotten steadily more debilitating over the last few episodes and the crew gets a dire warning from an old friend, the Bad Batch is forced to tackle the ticking time bomb problem head one — again, literally.

The episode ends with Hunter saying goodbye to Rex (yes, he finally shows up!) after the former Republic clone captain helped Hunter and his team successfully remove their inhibitor chips on the junkyard planet of Bracca. As they say farewell and tell each other to keep in touch, two members of the Scrapper Guild are seen spying on the two troopers, and one telling the other to “alert the Empire.”

Where did the Bad Batch find Rex? Why did they go to Bracca? And why was removing their inhibitor chips a priority now?

The Bad Batch episode 7 ending explained

“Battle Scars” kicks off with the Bad Batch in the middle of a minor space battle and job run – one that involves retrieving some sort of space lizard creature for Cid’s client. When Echo finally gets the hyperdrive working again, they successfully make it back to Cid’s on Ord Mantell to reap their cut of the job.

In an adorable moment between Wrecker and Omega that deepens their big brother-little-sister-type relationship, the two run off to buy heaping bags of Mantell Mix, which is basically colorful space popcorn. The two tell Hunter it’s their new tradition following every successful mission.

While Wrecker and Omega are off getting snacks and the rest of the Bad Batch are talking to Cid in her office, they hear blaster fire erupt inside Cid’s casino. When they run out to see what happened, the hooded figure who fired the shots at a couple of rowdy patrons shows himself to be none other than Rex, former Republic clone captain and breakout star of The Clone Wars.

The Bad Batch is excited to see Rex, especially Wrecker when he returns. Rex tells them he tracked them through Trace and Rafa Martez, who teamed up with them for a job on Corellia in the previous episode. First the return of the Martez sisters and astromech droid R7, and now an appearance by Rex. What’s next, the return of Ahsoka Tano?

the bad batch
Star Wars: The Bad Batch – “Battle Scars.” Photo: Disney+. /

While Rex talks to Omega, Wrecker’s head starts hurting again, prompting him to reach for his blaster in alarm. Rex asks why they haven’t removed their inhibitor chips, and Tech explains he believes their deviant nature appears to make them immune. Rex, however, is not convinced.

“What’s in your head is more dangerous than you can imagine,” he says. “I don’t want to bury any more of our brothers. I couldn’t control it; it’s a risk you do not want to take.”

Hunter then asks how they can remove the chips, so Rex sets up a plan for a trip to the scrap planet Bracca. Specifically, they head to the wreckage of a Republic Jedi cruiser to use its decommissioned medical bay. At one point, they see members of the Scrapper Guild flying overhead, and then Hunter sees some strange rippling shadows in the junkyard’s dirty water.

Inside the ship, Echo asked Rex how he got his inhibitor chip out, and he answers, “I had help” — another nod to Ahsoka and his relationship with the former Jedi. Since this is a junked ship, it’s not exactly a casual walk to the medical bay. When they have to traverse across a cavern using a discarded cable, Wrecker’s weight and fear of heights cause him to fall just inches above the murky water’s surface.

Then there’s the many-tentacled junkyard planet creature Wrecker fights off, finally making it to safety with the others.

“Makes you miss battling clankers, doesn’t it?” Rex asks him.

When they finally make it to the medical bay, Wrecker’s head is pounding and he’s starting to hear a high-pitched ringing. It gets worse as Echo gets the medical bay’s systems online and Tech tries to scan Wrecker with the device he put together. Something (i.e. the chip) inside Wrecker snaps, and the biggest of the Bad Batch grabs Tech by the arm and then his neck.

“You’re in direct violation of Order 66,” Wrecker says.

The Bad Batch again have to fight one of their own. Wrecker tussles with Echo and Tech before being lured outside the medical bay by Hunter and Rex. The two troopers try to keep Wrecker away from Omega, but Omega comes to Hunter’s rescue again. Wrecker goes after her as she scrambles inside another room on the ship.

Omega hides from Wrecker, cowering behind scrap with a blaster in her hand. When Wrecker finds her, he slowly utters “good soldiers follow orders” as he aims his blaster at her. Rex then stuns Wrecker just in time to stop him.

Back in the medical bay, Wrecker lies unconscious following the procedure to remove his inhibitor chip. Despite her ordeal, Omega refuses to leave Wrecker’s side until he wakes up. When he finally does regain consciousness, Wrecker pats her head and appears to be back to his usual, loveable self.

Then, the rest of the Bad Batch get their inhibitor chips removed — except Omega because she doesn’t have one. As they’re packing up to leave, Wrecker goes to apologize to Omega, telling her: “I tried to control it; I tried as hard as I could. I just couldn’t make it stop.”

She forgives him and they share a handful of that tasty Mantell Mix they love so much after another successful mission.

Though Rex isn’t staying with them for their next adventure, the former captain and the Bad Batch part ways knowing they still have each other’s backs if they ever need them. And with the Scrapper Guild spotting them and alerting the Empire, the Bad Batch might be running out of time to lay low.

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The Bad Batch episode 7 “Battle Scars” is available to stream now. Episode 8 drops next Friday, June 18, on Disney+.