The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 7 is out now

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Battle Scars." Photo: Disney+. /

We’re nearly midway through the premiere season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and who could have imagined what a wild ride this would be?

In last week’s episode, “Decommissioned,” we saw the gang resort to running odd jobs for Cid after their initial mission for her to capture Muchi the Rancor. In their second daring job for Cid, the Batchers ran into Trace and Rafa Martez, who were after the same droid as the clone force.

After a little back and forth, the two sides amicably decided to share the information. And Trace and Rafa made it back to their ship safely, only to tell a mysterious person that they came into contact with some clones that might be of interest to them. It wasn’t clear who that contact was before, but it looks quite clear now based on the trailer for The Bad Batch episode 7.

Warning! Mild spoilers about said mystery person follow in the trailer below!

The Bad Batch episode 7 trailer

Welp, it looks like the cat’s out the bag! Captain Rex (or perhaps just Rex now), is back! We haven’t seen the former clone captain since the series finale of The Clone Wars with Ahsoka.

Of course, it’s always been hinted that Rex would return since the character was spotted way back in the early Bad Batch trailers. But it’s nice to know the character is finally back in this episode.

Unfortunately, it looks like things could be taking a turn for the worse with Wrecker. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, he’s been dealing with headaches and uttering “good soldiers…” — a sign that his inhibitor chip could actually be taking over. And now, this loveable Bruce Banner type may actually be going full Hulk, and it could be up to the Bad Batch and Captain Rex to stop him.

Will they be successful, or will they have to leave Wrecker behind like Crosshair? The answers await you in episode 7 of The Bad Batch!

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You can watch episode 7 of The Bad Batch on Disney+ right now!