Star Wars: Is The Mandalorian moving to Wednesdays?

Since 2019, Fridays have been a sacred day for Star Wars fans. It’s when we sit down at the end of a long week and dig into new episodes of The Bad Batch and The Mandalorian.

However, things might be changing. The new Disney+ show Loki, set in the Marvel Universe, is airing on Wednesdays so as to not clash with Star Wars. Meaning that streaming subscribers have two major series to look forward to during the week. And Disney+’s July 2021 release schedule has shown that even more originals will now be releasing on Wednesdays.

It’s possible that this is part of an experiment by Disney to see how well fans take midweek content. Should the strategy prove successful, it’s possible that viewers could be in for a dramatically different-looking release schedule looking to the future.

With so many new series promised for Disney’s streaming service, it is inevitable that release windows will clash. With there only being 52 weeks in a year, there is only so much time in which studios can release content and expect it to have a wide enough berth from other productions to realistically be able to hold the spotlight, even if it’s only for a few days.

Will The Mandalorian be released on Wednesdays?

A date for the third season of The Mandalorian has yet to be announced, which means any release date is possible for the series right now. Nothing is set in stone yet, so Disney may experiment with moving the series to Wednesdays. Or they can continue with tradition and keep the series’ release date to Fridays.

When it comes to The Bad Batch, we are almost halfway through the first season. And so far (with the exception of the pilot), we have had Friday releases for all episodes, and that will continue through July.

Specific dates have yet to be announced for future Star Wars shows such as The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. But with such a large amount of content promised for the future of the Disney streaming service, it is likely that some of the new series will be in for a midweek treatment.

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