Is Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Netflix?

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath"
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath" /

Star Wars has a great, ever-building library of animated titles under its belt. And with each new series, more and more people catch on to the fact that Star Wars animated shows can be just as enjoyable as the movies. Some of these, even, offer more in-depth explorations of characters and events in Star Wars than we’d ever get in the movies.

That goes for the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which is a spinoff of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In this exciting series, we follow several clones from The Clone Wars who have special genetic modifications. This allows them to be different (and in some ways better) than their regular clone brothers. And with the Clone Wars over in the series, the group must find a way to survive in this world as clones while escaping the clutches of the new Empire.

The show is already halfway through releasing new episodes, and it’s captured many fans’ attention. But where on the internet can you watch it? Here’s the information.

Is The Bad Batch on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you won’t find Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Netflix. The series is streaming exclusively on Disney+ and releases every Friday at 3 a.m. ET.

Now, if you’re remembering Star Wars properties being on Netflix before, you aren’t wrong. Several newer Star Wars movies had landed on Netflix when they needed a streaming home. (This was prior to Disney+, of course.) And even The Clone Wars was picked up by Netflix for season 6 after it was previously canceled by Disney after 5 seasons.

So, if you want to watch The Bad Batch, you will have to have a subscription to Disney+. The episodes drop weekly. And if you don’t want to stay for long, we suggest grabbing a subscription when the series wraps on Aug. 13. And then you can binge all 16 episodes at your own pace!

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