Star Wars: YouTuber creates full-size, working astromech droid R2-D2

R2-D2 in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo:
R2-D2 in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo: /

Did you know that the YouTube channel I Like To Make Stuff finished a full-sized version of everyone’s favorite Star Wars droid R2-D2? If you love R2-D2 like I do then you’ll want to watch this!

The video, titled Finishing My Full-Size R2-D2 Build, was posted to YouTube on June 17 and currently over 200,000 views and growing. In the nearly 18-minute video, viewers get to watch the finished product that was started back in 2018.

You can watch part one of the R2-D2 build at this link here. The beauty of the video is not only are we watching this full-size R2-D2 being built but how it was built.

Host Bob Clagett takes the time to explain what he is doing, what materials he is using, how the pieces come together while also providing some key advice throughout the video. Perhaps the coolest part of the video is the electronics.

I Like To Make Stuff has completed a full-size R2-D2 that needs to be seen to be believed!

There is no sweeter sound than hearing all the accurate bells and whistles R2-D2 makes. It is truly a magical moment!

How does the final product look? Amazing!

From the colors to the sounds, and fluid movement this is truly an R2-D2 to behold! Clagett will be adding some more details to R2-D2 in the future, but overall, the final result is incredible!

In the end, this video is informative, interesting, and impressive! And don’t forget to view the information in the description of the video that includes the tools and supplies he used, including an online video course on how to do 3D modeling.

For more of Clagett’s videos, including how he made a Blue Spirit Mask from Avatar: The Last Airbender, a custom shadow box, and an indoor climbing wall be sure to check out his channel here.

If you could custom build anything from the Star Wars universe what would it be?

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