Star Wars drops exciting new trailer for The High Republic wave 2

THE HIGH REPUBLIC: THE RISING STORM cover art. Photo: Del Rey Books.
THE HIGH REPUBLIC: THE RISING STORM cover art. Photo: Del Rey Books. /

Today’s a big day for Star Wars books fans. The second wave of The High Republic series begins dropping today, June 29!

It almost feels unreal that we’re already onto the second wave of releases, especially considering how much this series was teased by Lucasfilm before it was officially announced. Prior to the reveal, all we knew was that this initiative was called “Project Luminous,” and that it would bring something brand new to the table. Little did we know, it would be a vastly enormous literary project that would shed new light on an era of the Jedi that’s rarely talked about.

Now, Cavan Scott’s The Rising Storm is out (you can read our review here) as well as Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel José Older. And many more titles will be on the way in this second wave. So, to get fans excited for it, Star Wars released a brief trailer for wave 2 of The High Republic series, which you can watch below.

The High Republic wave 2

Looking at the announcement, there are about eight titles we can expect from this second wave of The High Republic releases. Those are:

  • The Rising Storm
  • Race to Crashpoint Tower
  • The High Republic (Marvel Comics)
  • The High Republic Adventures (IDW)
  • Out of the Shadows
  • The High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak
  • Tempest Runner
  • The Edge of Balance

Next month, for Comic-Con @Home, Star Wars also revealed that there will be a special panel for Star Wars storytelling. They don’t provide many details about the panel, but it will be hosted by Star Wars: The High Republic Show’s Krystina Arielle. And more than likely, this will focus on the literary side of Star Wars — so we’ll probably see what’s in store for its books, comics and more.

In addition to that, Star Wars also revealed there is some official High Republic merchandise out there. This includes some new shirts you can find over on shopDisney, as well as Out of Print (both in unisex and women’s sizes), and on Amazon as well.

High Republic wave 2 special editions coming. light. Related Story

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