Enjoy a summer cocktail with these Star Wars tiki mugs featuring iconic scenes from the original trilogy

Discover Beeline Cretive's Geeki Tiki Mugs at Entertainment Earth.
Discover Beeline Cretive's Geeki Tiki Mugs at Entertainment Earth. /

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Summer is the time to be fun and colorful, so why drink from the same boring ol’ glassware you use for every other season? For your next barbecue, luau, party, or event, make your beverage stand out using one of the new Star Wars tiki mugs from Entertainment Earth.

This new set of five Geeki Tiki mugs showcases iconic locations from the original trilogy, including the swamps of Dagobah, the sand dunes of Tatooine, the dreamlike skies of Cloud City, the battlefield of Hoth, and the forests of Endor. In addition to the scenery of each planet, the mugs are packed with the ships and characters that made each one so memorable. From the Millennium Falcon speeding out of Mos Eisley from A New Hope to the second Death Star looming over an Ewok village in Return of the Jedi, many of the major beats from the first three movies are all present and accounted for.

These high-quality, 8-inch-tall stoneware mugs hold 24 ounces of liquid and are bursting with vibrant colors (just make sure you’re only washing them by hand). Unfortunately, each mug is limited to just 1,500, so you’ll want to pre-order your favorites as soon as you can from Entertainment Earth for $35 each. Shipments are expected to go out in August.

Discover Beeline Cretive's Geeki Tiki Mugs at Entertainment Earth.
Discover Beeline Cretive’s Geeki Tiki Mugs at Entertainment Earth. /

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