The Bad Batch episode 11 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

The Bad Batch outside of the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of
The Bad Batch outside of the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of /

The further we move into the back half of The Bad Batch, the more we seem to be diving into the Empire’s ruthlessness. Last Friday, episode 10 “Common Ground,” took viewers to Raxus where our guns-for-hire extracted separatist Senator Avi Singh from the Empire’s clutches. The Bad Batch episode 11 promises another encounter with the cruel regime.

For the most part, the Batch’s storylines with the Empire have centered on running. They defied Order 66 which has put a target on their back, one their former Batcher Crosshair is more than willing to shoot at thanks to his inhibitor chip.

But, as for truly reckoning with the changing galaxy around them, they haven’t reconciled with the fact that the modes of thinking required during the Clone Wars are quickly expiring. “Common Ground” pushed at their ideology, forcing them to put aside their feelings about the separatist movement and their former enemy in order to complete their mission objective.

With the Empire taking control, past wartime grudges cemented by battle and losses on both sides will have to be put aside if a resistance is to rise. It’s there simmering under the surface of episode 11. At some point in the season, the Batch may have to decide whether they’ll take up Saw Gerrera‘s plea to join in the fight against the Empire to free the galaxy.

The Bad Batch episode 11 synopsis, title, and runtime

Episode 11 of The Bad Batch is titled “Devil’s Deal” which has us worried about what’s to unfold. The synopsis has us even more concerned.

"As the seeds of rebellion ferment on an outer rim world, the Empire schemes to squash it."

We’ve seen what the Empire is willing to do in The Bad Batch to not only gain control but keep it within its grasp. They claim that loyalty is the only thing they require of the galaxy, but it’s clear that obedience without question is their true aim. Fear and murder are tools they’re willing to use in order to maintain “peace.”

We don’t know how the Batch will get mixed up in this over the episode’s 28-minute run, but we do know that with 5 episodes left, they’re not likely to be able to remain on the sidelines for long.

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